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Translational Medicine Collection

Naturally Occurring Diseases in Animals: Contributions to Translational Medicine

Naturally Occurring Diseases in Animals: Contributions to Translational Medicine
Michael D. Lairmore and Chand Khanna

Lamb Model of Respiratory Syncytial Virus–Associated Lung Disease: Insights to Pathogenesis and Novel Treatments
Mark R. Ackermann

Naturally Occurring Cancers in Dogs: Insights for Translational Genetics and Medicine
Carlos E. Alvarez

Bartonellosis: One Health Perspectives for an Emerging Infectious Disease
Edward Bealmear Breitschwerdt

Domestic Dogs and Cancer Research: A Breed-Based Genomics Approach
Brian W. Davis and Elaine A. Ostrander

Canine Osteosarcoma: A Naturally Occurring Disease to Inform Pediatric Oncology
Joelle M. Fenger, Cheryl A. London and William C. Kisseberth

Achilles Tendon Injuries in Elite Athletes: Lessons in Pathophysiology from Their Equine Counterparts
Janet C. Patterson-Kane and Tina Rich

Urinary Bladder Cancer in Dogs, a Naturally Occurring Model for Cancer Biology and Drug Development
Deborah W. Knapp, José A. Ramos-Vara, George E. Moore, Deepika Dhawan, Patty L. Bonney, and Kirsten E. Young

Pharmacologic Management of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Target Identification and Preclinical Trials
Joe N. Kornegay, Christopher F. Spurney, Peter P. Nghiem, Candice L. Brinkmeyer-Langford, Eric P. Hoffman, and Kanneboyina Nagaraju

Naturally Occurring Spinal Hyperostosis in Dogs as a Model for Human Spinal Disorders
Hendrik-Jan C. Kranenburg, Herman A. W. Hazewinkel, and Björn P. Meij

Cancer and Comparative Imaging
Amy K. LeBlanc

Developing T Cell Cancer Immunotherapy in the Dog with Lymphoma
Colleen M. O'Connor and Heather Wilson-Robles

Canine Epilepsy: An Underutilized Model
Edward E. Patterson

Naturally Occurring Animal Models of Human Hepatitis E Virus Infection
Danielle M. Yugo, Caitlin M. Cossaboom, and Xiang-Jin Meng

Issues Related to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees and Clinical Trials Using Privately Owned Animals
Philippe J. R. Baneux, Mary E. Martin, Matthew J. Allen, and Troy M. Hallman

Livestock Models in Translational Science

Livestock Models in Translational Medicine
James A. Roth and Christopher K. Tuggle

The Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies of Livestock
Justin J. Greenlee and M. Heather West Greenlee

Mycobacterium bovis Infection of Cattle and White-Tailed Deer: Translational Research of Relevance to Human Tuberculosis
W. Ray Waters and Mitchell V. Palmer

Swine as a Model for Influenza A Virus Infection and Immunity
Daniela S. Rajao and Amy L. Vincent

Large Animal Models for Vaccine Development and Testing
Volker Gerdts, Heather L. Wilson, Francois Meurens, Sylvia van Drunen Littel - van den Hurk, Don Wilson, Stewart Walker, Colette Wheler, Hugh Townsend, and Andrew A. Potter

Human Microbiota-Associated Swine: Current Progress and Future Opportunities
Mei Wang and Sharon M. Donovan

Livestock Models for Exploiting the Promise of Pluripotent Stem Cells
R. Michael Roberts, Ye Yuan, Nicholas Genovese, and Toshihiko Ezashi

Beyond the Mouse Monopoly: Studying the Male Germ Line in Domestic Animal Models
Raquel González and Ina Dobrinski

Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma: A Large Animal Model for Human Lung Cancer
Gehad Youssef, William A. H. Wallace, Mark P. Dagleish, Chris Cousens, and David J. Griffiths

Porcine Models of Muscular Dystrophy
Joshua T. Selsby, Jason W. Ross, Dan Nonneman, and Katrin Hollinger

Porcine Models of Cutaneous Wound Healing
Max Seaton, Anne Hocking, and Nicole S. Gibran

IACUC Considerations for the Use of Livestock in Translational Research
Joseph D. Thulin and Wendy J. Underwood

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