Different kinds of systems need different maintenance levels and models. Specifically, for systems producing services, we can observe the essential role of maintenance techniques. For these systems, failures have several negative implications, and the cost minimization model, frequently used in a manufacturing system, is not seen as efficient for many maintenance problems. Therefore, a multicriteria decision aid model is proposed in order to deal with conflict among evaluation criteria as well as take into account the preference of the decision maker in the problem. Additionally, the time taken for repair or replacement is also introduced into the model. Thus, decision makers may establish replacement intervals by taking into account two criteria. Also, ‘prior’ probabilities regarding parameters are considered. Therefore, this paper deals with the problem of replacement in service production systems, integrating the Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE) and the Bayesian approach. A numerical application illustrates the decision model proposed and shows the model's effectiveness regarding the decision-maker preferences.

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