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Professor Alan Champneys
Dept of Engineering Mathematics
University of Bristol
Bristol BS8 1TR

Research Interests: Applied dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, localized phenomena, mathematical modelling in engineering and biology

Professor Demetrios T. Papageorgiou
Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ

Research Interests: Fluid dynamics, nonlinear stability theory, interfacial hydrodynamics, electrohydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics

Professor Yibin Fu
Department of Mathematics
Keele University

Research Interests: Various aspects of solid mechanics, in particular linear and nonlinear wave propagation, bifurcation, and stability


David Barton
University of Bristol, UK

Research Interests: Nonlinear systems, delay differential equations, numerical methods for dynamical systems

Andrew Bassom
University of Tasmania, Australia

Research Interests: Fluid mechanics, boundary layers, stability theory

Luciano Campi
London School of Economics, UK

Research Interests: Stochastic calculus, market frictions, information asymmetry, energy markets

Darren Crowdy
Imperial College London, UK

Research Interests: Vortex dynamics, Stokes flows, free surface problems, applications of complex analysis and algebraic geometry

Linda Cummings
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Research Interests: Thin films, nematic liquid crystals, Stokes flows

Fordyce Davidson
University of Dundee, UK

Research Interests: Mathematical biology, differential equations arising in biology

Steve Decent
University of Birmingham, UK

Research Interests: Engineering and industrial problems

Nico Gray
University of Manchester, UK

Research Interests: Flow of granular materials, geophysical flows

John Gibbon
Imperial College London, UK

Research Interests: Applied analysis, turbulence, clustering in complex systems, fluid convection

Peter Grindrod
Oxford University, UK

Research Interests: Large data set problems, social networks

B. Tomas Johansson
Linköping University, Sweden

Research Interests: Inverse techniques, developing stable methods for the reconstruction of physical parameters from ill-posed problems, typically from data given on a part of the solution domain in heat and fluid flow

Panayotis (Panos) Kevrekidis
University of Massachussetts (Amherst), USA

Research Interests: Mathematical physics, nonlinear PDEs and DDEs, dynamical systems, mathematical biology

Gregory Kriegsmann
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Research Interests: Wave propagation, acoustics and waveguides, materials processing

Rachel Kuske
University of British Columbia, Canada

Research Interests: Stochastic and nonlinear dynamics, mathematical modelling, mathematics in industry

Robert Lipton
Louisiana State University, USA

Alex Mijatović
King's College London, UK

Research Interests: Stochastic differential equations, stochastic functional analysis, financial mathematics

Mark Peletier
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Research Interests: Applied analysis, variational methods, nonlinear evolution problems, stability of elastic structures

Mason Porter
University of Oxford, UK

Research Interests: Nonlinear science, nonlinear waves, network science, synchronization

Jens Rademacher
Universität Bremen, Germany

Yuriko Renardy
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Research Interests: Fluid dynamics, complex fluids, computational fluid dynamics

Juncheng Wei
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Research Interests: Nonlinear PDEs, applied analysis, mathematical biology

Jonathan Wylie
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics, Granular Materials, Industrial Applications

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