Sheep γδ T cells have been shown serologically to express T19, a membrane protein of 180–200 kDa which is a member of the scavenger receptor superfamily. Previous work from this laboratory resulted in the detection of a multigene family of T19-like genes in the sheep genome. In this study nucleotide sequences from several T19 genes were determined and are reported along with the corresponding segments of a number of expressed mRNA molecules. A segment of a single sheep T19-like gene was sequenced and these data, along with the corresponding sequences from cloned T19-like cDNA molecules from sheep and cow, were used to design an ollgonucleotide primer system suitable for amplification of corresponding segments of many T19 genes and their cDNAs. Between 30 and 40% of cloned T19 genes were amenable to amplification using the selected primers, and sequence analysis of cloned PCR products confirmed that different T19 genes encode unique amino acid sequences. The expression of multiple T19 genes was established using cDNA molecules obtained from a single sample of sheep lymphocyte mRNA. The possible role of the T19 family of genes is discussed.

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