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Editorial Board

Senior Editors

Daniel H. Nexon, Georgetown University (Lead Editor)
Terrence Chapman, University of Texas, Austin
Giacomo Chiozza, Victoria University, Wellington
Catherine Langlois, Georgetown University
Abraham L. Newman, Georgetown University
Leonard Seabrooke, Copenhagen Business School and University of Warwick

Associate Editors 

Songying Fang, Rice University
Michael C. Horowitz, University of Pennsylvania
Amanda Murdie, University of Georgia
Iver B. Neumann, London School of Economics
Bahar Rumelili, Koç University
Ole Jacob Sending, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
George E. Shambaugh, Georgetown University
David Andrew Singer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ann Towns, Göteborg Universiity

Web Editors

Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, American University (Lead Web Editor)
Meera Sabaratnam, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Annick T.R. Wibben, University of San Francisco
Scott Wolford, University of Texas at Austin

Web Advisory Board

Charli Carpenter, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Daniel Drezner, Tufts University
Robert Farley, University of Kentucky
Paul Kirby, University of Sussex
Marc Lynch, George Washington University

Managing Editors

Dani Nedal, Georgetown University
Madison Schramm, Georgetown Universityty

Editorial Board

Amitav Acharya, American University
Anna Agathangelou, York University
Sam R. Bell, Kansas State University
Pinar Bilgin, Bilkent University
Ruth Blaklely, University of Kent, UK
Glenn Biglaiser, University of North Texas
Tanja Borzel, Freie Universitat Berlin
Mark Boyer, University of Connecticut
Sarah M. Brooks, Ohio State University
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, University of Chicago
Ajin Choi, Yonsei GSIS
Michael Colaresi, Michigan State University
Christian Davenport, University of Michigan
Richard Deeg, Temple University
Thomas Diez, University of Tubingen
A. Cooper Drury, University of Missouri
David M. Edelstein, Georgetown University
Charlotte Epstein, University of Sydney
Henry Farrell, George Washington University
Virginia Page Fortna, Columbia University
M. Taylor Fravel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Annette Freyberg-Inan, University of Amsterdam
Ismene Gizelis, University of Essex
Stacie E. Goddard, Wellesley College
Emilie Hafner-Burton, University of California, San Diego
Natasha Hamilton-Hart, University of Auckland Business School
Lene Hansen, University of Copenhagen
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Northwestern University
Jef Huysmans, The Open University
Jacques Hymans, University of Southern California
Naeem Inayatullah, Ithaca College
Leslie Johns, University of California, Los Angeles
Kelly Kadera, Iowa University
Diana Kapiszewski, Georgetown University
David Kang, University of Southern California
Laleh Khalili, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
D. Marc Kilgour, Wilfrid Laurier University
Anna Leander, Copenhagen Business School
Brett Ashley Leeds, Rice University
Susanne Lutz, Freie Universitat Berlin
Cecelia Lynch, University of California, Irvine
Michaela Mattes, University of California, Berkeley
Manus Midlarsky, Rutgers University
Layna Mosley, University of North Carolina
Laura Neack, Miami University
Helen Nesadurai, Monash University
João Pontes Nogueira, PUC-Rio, Brazil
Irfan Nooruddin, Ohio State University
T.V. Paul, McGill University
Aseem Prakash, University of Washington 
Dan Reiter, Emory University
Nita Rudra, Georgetown University
Thomas Sattler, University of Geneva
Gerald Schneider, University of Konstanz
Susan K. Sell, George Washington University
Robbie Shilliam, Queen Mary, University of London
Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida
Branislav L. Slantchev, University of California, San Diego
Harvey Starr, University of South Carolina
Jana von Stein, Victoria Wellington University
Shiping Tang, Fudan University
William R. Thompson, Indiana University
Arlene Tickner, Universidad del Rosario
Brandon Valeriano, University of Glasgow
Latha Varadarajan, San Diego State University
Thomas Volgy, University of Arizona
James Raymond Vreeland, Georgetown University
Stefanie Walter, University of Zurich
Catherine E. Weaver, University of Texas at Austin
Annick T.R. Wibben, University of San Francisco
William C. Wohlforth, Dartmouth College
Cornelia Woll, Sciences Po
Amy Yuen, Middlebury College

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