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Cybersecurity special issues from Journal of Conflict and Security Law

Explore the below special issues from Journal of Conflict & Security Law on cybersecurity. Both issues were edited by Russell Buchan and Nicholas Tsagourias, and will be free to access online until 8 April, 2017.

Special issue: Non-state Actors and Responsibility in Cyberspace

This 2016 special issue explores cyberspace, including its threats and vulnerabilities, as well as the ethical and legal questions concerning the responsibility in relation to crimes committed through cyberspace or through cyber means.

Special Issue: Non-State Actors and Responsibility in Cyberspace: State Responsibility, Individual Criminal Responsibility and Issues of Evidence 
Russell Buchan; Nicholas Tsagourias

Beyond State-Centrism: International Law and Non-state Actors in Cyberspace

Michael N. Schmitt and Sean Watts

'Proxies' and Cyberspace
Tim Maurer

Decoding Article 8 of the International Law Commission’s Articles on State Responsibility: Attribution of Cyber Operations by Non-State Actors 
Kubo Mač‰ák

Cyberspace, Non-State Actors and the Obligation to Prevent Transboundary Harm 
Russell Buchan

Non-State Actors, Ungoverned Spaces and International Responsibility for Cyber Acts 
Nicholas Tsagourias

Cyberspace, Terrorism and International Law 
David P. Fidler

Individual Criminal Responsibility for Cyber Aggression 
Kai Ambos

Command Responsibility and Cyberattacks 
Elies van Sliedregt

‘The Territorial Jurisdiction of the ICC for Core Crimes Committed Through the Internet’ 
M. Vagias

Digital Evidence as a Means of Proof before the International Court of Justice 
Marco Roscini

Violations of International Humanitarian Law by Non-State Actors during Cyberwarfare: Challenges for Investigations and Prosecutions 
Dan Saxon

Cyber Operations and International Law: An Interventionist Legal Thought 
Jean d’Aspremont

Special issue: Cyber War

This 2012 special issue explores the application of the international law on the use of force and international humanitarian law to cyber war.

Cyber War and International Law 
Russell Buchan; Nicholas Tsagourias

Cyber Security without Cyber War 
Mary Ellen O’Connell

Cyber Attacks: Unlawful Uses of Force or Prohibited Interventions? 
Russell Buchan

Cyber attacks, self-defence and the problem of attribution 
Nicholas Tsagourias

Classification of Cyber Conflict 
Michael Schmitt

The Principle of Distinction and Cyber War in International Armed Conflicts 
Yoram Dinstein

Cyber Warfare and the Notion of Direct Participation in Hostilities 
David Turns
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