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Histories of Design Pedagogy - Virtual Special Issue

Edited by Maya Oppenheimer


Histories of Design Pedagogy’ gathers material from across three decades of the Journal of Design History to juxtapose distinct investigations into design education across various geographies, contexts, relationships and methodological concerns. By isolating three overarching themes to structure twelve articles, this introduction also makes an argument towards future design pedagogy, suggesting an Urmodell, or master plan, of elements in design pedagogy that is informed by key issues debated by and through the articles presented.

Histories of Design Pedagogy
Maya Oppenheimer

Design Systems & Projects | Training, Industry, Art & Design

This section addresses the meaning and concept of design, relationships between education and industry, and design training networks.

Designers in the Nineteenth-Century Scottish Fancy Textile Industry: Education, Employment and Exhibition
Stana Nenadic
27:2, 2014, pp. 115-130.

Design in Belgium before Art Nouveau: Art, Industry and the Reform of Artistic Education in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
Daniela N. Prina
23:4, 2010, pp. 329-350.

Design Education and Industry: the Laborious Beginnings of the Institute of Design in Chicago in 1944
Alain Findeli
4:2, 1991, pp. 97-113.

[Education] Report on a Survey of Recent Crafts and Design Graduates of Scottish Art Colleges
Susan Bittker
2:2/3, 1989, pp. 219-228.

Ethics & Methods | Structures & Experiences of Design Pedagogy

Here we advocate greater attention to the identities, subjectivities and roles of the designer and of the user as stakeholders in a designed system, the increasing role of research in design practice, elements that affect practice from global design to emerging technologies, and object collections research.

First Steps: Early Design Education and Professionalization in Greece”
Artemis Yagou
23:2, 2010, pp. 145-161.

Business Management at the Weimar Bauhaus
Anna Rowland
1:3-4, 1988, pp. 153-175.

HfG Ulm: A Personal View of an Experiment in Democracy and Design Education
Heiner Jacob
1:3-4, 1998, pp. 221-234.

[Education] ‘Just Don’t Ask Me to Define It’: Perceptions of Technology in the National Curriculum
David Mulberg
6:4, 1993, pp. 301-305.

[Archives and Collections] The Camberwell Collection of Applied Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, The London Institute
Jane Pavitt
10:2, 1997, pp. 225-229.

Critical Histories & Theories | Turns & Articulations in Design History, Design Studies

This final theme looks to changes in design history and design studies to inform interdisciplinary scholarship and the future of design practice.

Margot Wittkower: Design Education and Practice, Berlin – London, 1919-1939
Victoria Newhouse
3:2-3, 1990, pp. 83-101

[re: focus design] Architectural and Spatial Design Studies: Inscribing Architecture in Design Studies
Jilly Traganou
22:2, 2009, pp. 173-181.

Reconsidering the History of Design Survey
Sarah A. Lichtman
22:4, 2009, pp. 341-350.

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