(September 2015–September 2016)

The Editor-in-Chief and the Subject Editors of Journal of Economic Entomology thank the following scientists for their voluntary commitment of valuable professional time and expertise to peer reviewing manuscripts submitted for publication in our journal. The quality and scientific stature of the journal depends on the conscientious efforts of these individuals.

Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid

Mark Abney

Paul Abram

Halide Nihal Acikgoz

Roxana Acosta-Gutiérrez

Ricardo Adaime

John Adamczyk

Angeles Adan

Manjree Agarwal

Arthur Agnello

Natasha M. Agramonte

Mushtaq Ahmad

Jamie Aikins

Waseem Akbar

Yasmin Akhtar

Yahya Al Naggar

Ramon Albajes

Mohamed Alburaki

Mohammad Ali Al-Deeb

Hafiz Azhar Ali Khan

Jeremy Alison

John All

Clint Allen

Steven R. Alm

Rodrigo Almeida

Diane Alston

Miriam Altstein

Karen Alviar

Andrei Alyokhin

Marcel Amichot

David A. Andow...

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Article PDF first page preview
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