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  • Susan Isiko Štrba is visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and a Senior Research Affiliate, University of Minnesota, Intellectual Property and Development Program.

This article

  • African institutions are increasingly embracing high standards of intellectual property protection in their ‘development agendas’. In particular, concerning plant variety protection (PVP), one observes a worrying trend of premature harmonisation of PVP standards despite the possible negative impact on food security and access to food on the African continent.

  • Scholarship and debate on PVP protection has tended to ignore the role of WIPO when consi`dering solutions to PVP and food security. This paper posits that WIPO has a role to play in enabling the use of intellectual property in African ‘development agendas’ for agricultural innovation in a way that leads to long-term food security and access...

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Article PDF first page preview
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