The Co-Editors-in-Chief and the Subject Editors of Journal of Integrated Pest Management thank the following scientists for their voluntary commitment of valuable professional time and expertise to peer reviewing manuscripts submitted for publication in our journal. The quality and scientific stature of the journal depends on the conscientious efforts of these individuals.

Charles Allen

S. Braman

Donald Cook

William Cooper

Kevin J. Dodds

Jean-Jacques Dubois

Jonathan Edelson

Luis Espino

Kathy Flanders

Ricky E. Foster

Wayne A. Gardner

Daniel Gilrein

Mark L. Gleason

Larry D. Godfrey

John Goolsby

Dawn Heather Gouge

George Hamilton

Jiri Hulcr

Alana Jacobson

Vincent Jones

Ian Macrae

Keith Mason

Michael Merchant

Patrick Moran

Shakunthala Nair

John Palumbo

Frank Peairs

Douglas G. Pfeiffer

Daniel Potter

Christopher Ranger

Francis Reay-Jones

Eric Rebek

Douglas Richmond

Kathleen Ryan

Nicholas J. Seiter

Elson Shields

Allan T. Showler

Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan

Christopher Werle

Robert Wiedenmann

Robert Wright