We show that noncongruence subgroups of SL2(ℤ) that are projectively equivalent to congruence subgroups are ubiquitous. More precisely, they always exist if the congruence subgroup in question is a principal congruence subgroup Γ(N) of level N>2, and they also exist in many cases for Γ0(N). The motivation for asking this question is related to modular forms: projectively equivalent groups have the same spaces of cusp forms for all even weights, whereas the spaces of cusp forms of odd weights are distinct in general. We make some initial observations on this phenomenon for weight 3 via geometric considerations of the attached elliptic modular surfaces. We also develop algorithms that construct all subgroups that are projectively equivalent to a given congruence subgroup and decide which of them are congruence. A crucial tool in this is the generalized level concept of Wohlfahrt.

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