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Open Access from JMCB

The Journal of Molecular Cell Biology (JMCB) publishes authoritative reviews and high quality, original articles in all areas of molecular and cell biology. Explore a selection of the best Open Access papers in this specially curated article collection.

Kindlin1 regulates microtubule function to ensure normal mitosis
Hitesh Patel, Ifigeneia Stavrou, Roshan L. Shrestha, Viji Draviam, Margaret C. Frame, and Valerie G. Brunton

Embryonic hematopoiesis in vertebrate somites gives rise to definitive hematopoietic stem cells

Juhui Qiu, Xiaoying Fan, Yixia Wang, Hongbin Jin, Yixiao Song, Yang Han, Shenghong Huang, Yaping Meng, Fuchou Tang, and Anming Meng

Regulation of Hippo signalling by p38 signalling
Dashun Huang, Xiaojiao Li, Li Sun, Ping Huang, Hao Ying, Hui Wang, Jiarui Wu, and Haiyun Song

Adiponectin signaling and function in insulin target tissues
Hong Ruan and Lily Q. Dong

Smad1/5/8 are myogenic regulators of murine and human mesoangioblasts

Domiziana Costamagna, Mattia Quattrocelli, Florence van Tienen, Lieve Umans, Irineus F. M. de Coo, An Zwijsen, Danny Huylebroeck, and Maurilio Sampaolesi

Atad2 is a generalist facilitator of chromatin dynamics in embryonic stem cells
Yuichi Morozumi, Fayçal Boussouar, Minjia Tan, Apirat Chaikuad, Mahya Jamshidikia, Gozde Colak, Huang He, Litong Nie, Carlo Petosa, Maud de Dieuleveult, Sandrine Curtet, Anne-Laure Vitte, Clothilde Rabatel, Alexandra Debernardi, François-Loïc Cosset, Els Verhoeyen, Anouk Emadali, Norbert Schweifer, Davide Gianni, Marta Gut, Philippe Guardiola, Sophie Rousseaux, Matthieu Gérard, Stefan Knapp, Yingming Zhao, and Saadi Khochbin

E-selectin ligand complexes adopt an extended high-affinity conformation
Roland C. Preston, Roman P. Jakob, Florian P.C. Binder, Christoph P. Sager, Beat Ernst, and Timm Maier

In vivo epigenetic reprogramming of primary human colon cancer cells enhances metastases

Grigori Singovski, Carolina Bernal, Monika Kuciak, Irene Siegl-Cachedenier, Arwen Conod and Ariel Ruiz i Altaba

HACD1, a regulator of membrane composition and fluidity, promotes myoblast fusion and skeletal muscle growth
Jordan Blondelle, Yusuke Ohno, Vincent Gache, Stéphane Guyot, Sébastien Storck, Nicolas Blanchard-Gutton, Inès Barthélémy, Gemma Walmsley, Anaëlle Rahier, Stéphanie Gadin, Marie Maurer, Laurent Guillaud, Alexandre Prola, Arnaud Ferry, Geneviève Aubin-Houzelstein, Jean Demarquoy, Frédéric Relaix, Richard J. Piercy, Stéphane Blot, Akio Kihara, Laurent Tiret, and Fanny Pilot-Storck

Efficient inversions and duplications of mammalian regulatory DNA elements and gene clusters by CRISPR/Cas9
Jinhuan Li, Jia Shou, Ya Guo, Yuanxiao Tang, Yonghu Wu, Zhilian Jia, Yanan Zhai, Zhifeng Chen, Quan Xu, and Qiang Wu

Hot spots of DNA double-strand breaks and genomic contacts of human rDNA units are involved in epigenetic regulation
Nickolai A. Tchurikov, Daria M. Fedoseeva, Dmitri V. Sosin, Anastasia V. Snezhkina, Nataliya V. Melnikova, Anna V. Kudryavtseva, Yuri V. Kravatsky, and Olga V. Kretova

Tumor-derived microvesicles mediate human breast cancer invasion through differentially glycosylated EMMPRIN
Kerstin Menck, Christian Scharf, Annalen Bleckmann, Lydia Dyck, Ulrike Rost, Dirk Wenzel, Vishnu M. Dhople, Laila Siam, Tobias Pukrop, Claudia Binder, and Florian Klemm

CHK2 kinase in the DNA damage response and beyond
Laura Zannini, Domenico Delia, and Giacomo Buscemi

The conserved ubiquitin-like protein Hub1 plays a critical role in splicing in human cells
Tim Ammon, Shravan Kumar Mishra, Kaja Kowalska, Grzegorz M. Popowicz, Tad A. Holak, and Stefan Jentsch

The regulation and deregulation of Wnt signaling by PARK genes in health and disease
Daniel C. Berwick, and Kirsten Harvey
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