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Editorial board

Michael N. Hart, MD
Madison, Wisconsin

Deputy Editor
Raymond A. Sobel, MD
Palo Alto, California

Managing Editor
Eileen S. Healy
Madison, Wisconsin

Senior Associate Editors
Barbara J. Crain, MD, PhD
Baltimore, Maryland
Jeffrey A. Golden, MD
Boston, Massachusetts

Associate Editors
Steven L. Carroll, MD, PhD
Charleston, South Carolina
Isidro Ferrer, MD, PhD
Barcelona, Spain
Norman L. Lehman, MD, PhD
Columbus, Ohio
James W. Mandell, MD, PhD
Charlottesville, Virginia
Amyn Rojiani, MD, PhD
Augusta, Georgia
Charles L. White, MD
Dallas, Texas

Former Editors
1942-49 George B. Hassin, MD
1950-52 Joseph H. Globus, MD
1953-60 Armando Ferraro, MD & Arthur Weil, MD
1961-62 Arthur Weil, MD
1963-81 Abner Wolf, MD
1981-91 John Moossy, MD
1991-2007 Michael N. Hart, MD

Editorial Board
Ty W. Abel, MD, PhD
Homa Adle-Biassette, MD, PhD
Matthew P. Anderson, MD, PhD
Douglas C. Anthony, MD, PhD
Regina C. Armstrong, PhD
Heike Beck, DVM
Eileen H. Bigio, MD
Bruno Bonetti, MD, PhD
Daniel J. Brat, MD, PhD
Linda M. Callahan, PhD
Rudy J. Castellani, MD
H. Brent Clark, MD, PhD
Martina Deckert, MD
Marc Del Bigio, MD
Kelly Del Tredici, MD, PhD
John E. Donahue, MD
Charles G. Eberhart, MD, PhD
Una FitzGerald, PhD
Rebecca D. Folkerth, MD
Matthew Frosch, MD, PhD
Christine Fuller, MD
Benjamin B. Gelman, MD, PhD
Marjorie Grafe, MD, PhD
W. Sue T. Griffin, PhD
Judith B. Grinspan, PhD
Kymberly A. Gyure, MD
Brent T. Harris, MD, PhD
Kimmo J. Hatanpaa, MD, PhD
Cynthia Hawkins, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Robert F. Hevner, MD, PhD
Craig Horbinski, MD, PhD
Paul G. Ince, MD, FRCPath, BSc
Shinsuke Kato, MD, PhD
Christos D. Katsetos, MD, PhD, FRCPath
B. K. Kleinschmidt-DeMasters, MD
Edward B. Lee, MD, PhD
Sunhee C. Lee, MD
Andrew Lieberman, MD, PhD
M. Beatriz S. Lopes, MD
David N. Louis, MD
Seth Love, MBBCh, PhD
Lee J. Martin, PhD
Roger E. McLendon, MD
Edwin S. Monuki, MD, PhD
Steven Moore, MD, PhD
Peter T. Nelson, MD, PhD
Trevor Owens, PhD
Arie Perry, MD
Joanna J. Phillips, MD, PhD
Christopher R. Pierson, MD, PhD
Miguel A. Riudavets, MD
Fausto Rodriguez, MD
Steven N. Roper, MD
Kathryn E. Saatman, PhD
Mariarita Santi, MD, PhD
Robert Schmidt, MD, PhD
Julie A. Schneider, MD, MS
John B. Schweitzer, MD
Anna-Leena Sirén, MD, PhD
G. Jackson Snipes, MD, PhD
Estelle Sontag, PhD
Thomas P. Sutula, MD, PhD
Dominique S. Tews, MD
Dimitri (Yuri) Trembath, MD, PhD
Sriram Venneti, MD, PhD
Ruben Vidal, PhD
Eberhard Weihe, MD
Stephen Yip, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Xiongwei Zhu, PhD

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