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Archive pricing

There are now three ways you can access the archives: Outright Purchasing, Annual Subscription, or Title-by-Title.
You can opt for the complete archive or for one or more of our subject archives (Medicine, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences and/or Science Archive).

Outright purchasing

Annual subscriptions


Outright purchasing

There are two payment options when purchasing the archive outright:

  • Standard purchase price option or
  • Purchase by instalments over three years

There are two hosting variations when you purchase the archive:

  • Local Hosting
    You can choose to have the content delivered to you on removable hard disk which will be provided by Oxford Journals as part of the purchase cost. The data format will be PDF files plus headers in NLM XML Publishing DTD. Your institution can then host and manage the information locally. In order to deliver the content locally, a content management system (not included) will be required. Your preferred ILS vendor will be able to recommend a system.
  • Remote Hosting
    If you are not able to host the information locally, Oxford Journals will host it for you. An annual hosting fee will be charged from the year following purchase.

Annual subscriptions

This works in the same way as our subscriptions to current journal content. You pay an annual subscription fee in order to access the archive material hosted online by Oxford Journals.

Should you choose to end your subscription, you will need to purchase the Archive outright in order to retain perpetual access to the content.


We now offer an additional flexible pricing model which allows you to purchase the backfiles of titles individually. This gives you the ability to choose only those journal archives that are most relevant for your collection.

Additional options:

Upgrading from previous archive to 2016 version

The 2016 edition of the Complete Archive and related subject archives are available for purchase and subscription now.

 Existing customers (those that purchased an archive between 2006-2015) can upgrade their archives to include content added since their purchase. For instance, 9 titles have been added for 2016. Please visit our upgrade page for more information.

Multiple Archive Discounts


Multiple archive discounts

Discounts are available based on the size of your institution and the number of subject Archives you purchase. Purchasing or subscribing to the complete Archive costs 30 per cent less than acquiring each subject package individually. Please contact your regional sales manager for details.

Please Note: all pricing information shown is exclusive of regional sales tax - please contact us for more information.


For individual institutions, consortia, and multi-site pricing please contact the relevant sales manager for your area.

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