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OUP third party delivery specification


OUP provides a mechanism for delivery of SGML Header and optionally PDF data for journal issues. This delivery mechanism is described in more detail below.

Set up of third party data delivery

In order to set up a third party data delivery, you will need to agree with your OUP Rights and Permissions contact the following details:
1. The list of journals required and the start date from which data is required
2. The format of data required: either SGML headers only or SGML headers and PDF full text articles
3. The ftp site to which data should be delivered. This needs to include details of username and passwords required to access the ftp site

Data deliveries

Once a data supply agreement has been signed, a data delivery profile is created whereby data supply happens in weekly deliveries.
Weekly uploads will contain new material that has become available since the previous upload as well as updates (material already sent but modified since it was last sent).
Where updates are delivered, all the previously received material should be considered obsolete and replaced by the new material. Updates will be named in the same format as any other archive file. As a result, the old material will be automatically overwritten if it still resides in the ftp area where uploads are posted.

Format of data

Issue data is delivered in .tar files which are uploaded to your ftp site. Deliveries take place on a weekly basis. Delivery notifications are not issued for data uploads

.tar files

You will be set up to receive either an SGML header data feed or both SGML header and PDF data, dependent on your agreement with OUP.

  • SGML header data - a .tar file is delivered for each issue containing one .sgm file per article
  • PDF data - a .tar file is delivered for each issue containing one .pdf file per article

The .sgm file and the .pdf file are named identically apart from the file extension.
A typical issue delivery will consist of a series of .tar files sent to your ftp site:


.tar file naming and structure

One .tar file is created for each issue. The .tar file is named
[journal code][volume]-[issue].tar
On expansion, the .tar file of e.g. oep56-4.tar is structured as follows:

SGML header DTD

The .sgm files delivered will conform to the OUP Header DTD. This DTD is available on the Technical Information Website.

Linking to full-text PDF

If your agreement with OUP’s Rights and Permissions department includes rights to link to and deliver full text PDF articles, details of how to link to full text PDF are available here.

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