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Research with Impact

Mathematics, logic, and computing journals from Oxford University Press

The 2015 impact factors from the 2016 Journal Citation Reports® (Source: 2015 Web of Science Data) have been released and it has been a great year for our Mathematics, Logic, and Computing journals. To celebrate this success we have put together this collection of highly cited articles recently published from a range of our journals. All articles are freely available to download, read, and enjoy.

Pure Mathematics



Pure mathematics

International Mathematics Research Notices

A Note on Global Existence for the Chemotaxis–Stokes Model with Nonlinear Diffusion
Renjun Duan and Zhaoyin Xiang
Int Math Res Notices (2014) 2014 (7): 1833-1852

Kähler–Einstein Metrics and Stability
Xiuxiong Chen, Simon Donaldson, and Song Sun
Int Math Res Notices (2014) 2014 (8): 2119-2125

Discrete Time q-TASEPs
Alexei Borodin and Ivan Corwin
Int Math Res Notices (2015) 2015 (2): 499-537

Scattering for Radial, Bounded Solutions of Focusing Supercritical Wave Equations
Thomas Duyckaerts, Carlos Kenig, and Frank Merle
Int Math Res Notices (2014) 2014 (1): 224-258

Bounds for Minkowski Billiard Trajectories in Convex Bodies
Shiri Artstein-Avidan and Yaron Ostrover
Int Math Res Notices (2014) 2014 (1): 165-193

The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics

The Autocorrelation of the Möbius Function and Chowla’s Conjecture for the Rational Function Field
Dan Carmon and Zeév Rudnick
Q J Math (2014) 65 (1): 53-61

On Homogeneous Ricci Solitons
Ramiro Lafuente and Jorge Lauret
Q J Math (2014) 65 (2): 399-419

On Series of Dilated Functions
István Berkes and Michel Weber
Q J Math (2014) 65 (1): 25-52

Invariant Laminations for Irreducible Automorphisms Of Free Groups
Ilya Kapovich and Martin Lustig
Q J Math (2014) 65 (4): 1241-1275

Einstein Manifolds with Skew Torsion
Ilka Agricola
Q J Math (2014) 65 (3): 717-741

More Pure Mathematics Journals from Oxford:
Journal of Topology
Journal of Complex Networks
Journal of Integrable Systems


Logic Journal of the IGPL

Signalling in independence-friendly logic
Fausto Barbero and Gabriel Sandu
Logic Jnl IGPL (2014) 22 (4): 638-664                       

A propositional system induced by Japaridze's approach to IF logic
Wenyan Xu
Logic Jnl IGPL (2014) 22 (6): 982-991

Logics of formal inconsistency arising from systems of fuzzy logic
Marcelo E. Coniglio, Francesc Esteva, and Lluís Godo
Logic Jnl IGPL (2014) 22 (6): 880-904

An alternative approach for quasi-truth
Marcelo Esteban Coniglio, Luiz Henrique Da Cruz Silvestrini
Logic Jnl IGPL (2014) 22 (2): 387-410

An expansion of first-order Belnap–Dunn logic
Katsuhiko Sano, Hitoshi Omori
Logic Jnl IGPL (2014) 22 (3): 458-481

Journal of Logic and Computation

Attack–defense trees
Barbara Kordy, Sjouke Mauw, Saša Radomirović, and Patrick Schweitzer
J Logic Computation (2014) 24 (1): 55-87

What if no hybrid reasoner is available? Hybrid MKNF in multi-context systems
Matthias Knorr, Martin Slota, João Leite, and Martin Homola
J Logic Computation (2014) 24 (6): 1279-1311

Haskell before Haskell: an alternative lesson in practical logics of the ENIAC
Liesbeth De Mol, Martin Carlé, and Maarten Bullynck
J Logic Computation (2015) 25 (4): 1011-1046

Bi-modal Gödel logic over [0,1]-valued Kripke frames
Xavier Caicedo, Ricardo Oscar Rodríguez
J Logic Computation (2015) 25 (1): 37-55

Uniform Kurtz randomness
Takayuki Kihara and Kenshi Miyabe
J Logic Computation (2014) 24 (4): 863-882


The Computer Journal

Mining Latent User Community for Tag-Based and Content-Based Search in Social Media
Haoran Xie, Qing Li, Xudong Mao, Xiaodong Li, Yi Cai, and Qianru Zheng
The Computer Journal (2014) 57 (9): 1415-1430

Efficient Revocable Certificateless Encryption Secure in the Standard Model
Limin Shen, Futai Zhang, and Yinxia Sun
The Computer Journal (2014) 57 (4): 592-601

Non-IIDness Learning in Behavioral and Social Data
Longbing Cao
The Computer Journal (2014) 57 (9): 1358-1370

Detecting Distributed Denial of Service Attacks: Methods, Tools and Future Directions
Monowar H. Bhuyan, H. J. Kashyap, D. K. Bhattacharyya, and J. K. Kalita
The Computer Journal (2014) 57 (4): 537-556

Summarization of Twitter Microblogs
Beaux P. Sharifi, David I. Inouye, and Jugal K. Kalita
The Computer Journal (2014) 57 (3): 378-402

More Computing Journals from Oxford:
Journal of Cybersecurity
Interacting with Computers

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