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The Journal of Semitic Studies Book Supplement Series

The Journal of Semitic Studies publishes a Supplement series of books. The aim in this series is to provide an opportunity for publication of more substantial works of monograph length (well beyond the scope of articles published in the Journal itself) and for collective works on particular themes. The Supplements focus on textual work in Semitic languages. A Supplement may be devoted to a particular text or texts, though it could be text-based in a broader way.

List of Book Supplement Series, 1 – 36 (1993 – 2016)

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Soqotri Texts in the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences An Annotated Edition
Vitaly Naumkin, Leonid Kogan, Isa Guman al-Darhi, and Ahmad Isa al-Darhi
Supplement 36 (2015) 
ISBN: 9780198782971 
Price: £25 / $41.50

The Transmission of Targum Jonathan in the West: A Study of Italian and Ashkenazi Manuscripts of the Targum to Samuel
Hector Patmore
Supplement 35, 2015 
ISBN: 9780198765851 
Price: £25 / $41.50

Arab and Arabic Linguistics: Traditional and New Theoretical Approaches 
Manuela E. Giolfo (ed.)
Supplement 34, 2014 
ISBN: 9780198744542 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

The Palmyrene Tax Tariff
Il’i͡a Sholeǐmovich Shifman
Translated by Svetlana Khobnya and edited by John F. Healey 
Supplement 33, 2014 
ISBN: 9780198726159 
Price: £25 / US$41.50 

The Egyptian Historian 'Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti: His Life, Works, Autographs, Manuscripts and the Historical Sources of 'Aja'ib al-Athar
Shmuel Moreh 
Supplement 32, 2014 
ISBN: 9780198722243 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

From Cairo to Manchester: Studies in the Rylands Genizah Fragments
Renate Smithuis and Philip Alexander (eds) 
Supplement 31, 2013 
ISBN: 9780198701538 
Price: £25 / US$41.50 

Novel Medical and General Hebrew Terminology from the 13th Century: Volume Two
Gerrit Bos 
Supplement 30, 2013 
ISBN: 9780199685837 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Grammaticalization in Semitic
Domenyk Eades (ed.) 
Supplement 29, 2012 
ISBN: 9780199679874 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

From Ancient Arabia to Modern Cairo: Papers from the BRISMES Annual Conference 2009
Philip Sadgrove (ed.) 
Supplement 28, 2012 
ISBN: 9780199665228 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Novel Medical and General Hebrew Terminology from the 13th Century
Gerrit Bos 
Supplement 27, 2011 
ISBN: 9780199697496 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Islamica: Studies in memory of Holger Preissler (1943-2006) 
Andreas Christmann and Jan-Peter Hartung (eds) 
Supplement 26, 2009 
ISBN: 9780199589975 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Relative Clauses and Genitive Construction in Semitic
Jan Retsö and Janet C.E. Watson (eds) 
Supplement 25, 2009 
ISBN: 9780199575497 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Printing and Publishing in the Middle East
Philip Sadgrove (ed.) 
Supplement 24, 2008 
ISBN: 9780199561094 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Studies in Islamic Law - Festschrift for Colin Imber
Andreas Christmann and Robert Gleave (eds) 
Supplement 23, 2007 
ISBN: 9780199534913 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

Voices of Exiles - A study of the Works of al-Tayyib Salih
Ami Elad-Bouskila 
Supplement 22, 2007 
ISBN: 9780199215126 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

A Catalogue of Previously Uncatalogued Ethiopic Manuscripts in England
Steve Delamarter and Demeke Berhane 
Supplement 21, 2007 
ISBN: 9780199219094 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

A Medieval Administrative and Fiscal Treatise from the Yemen
G. Rex Smith 
Supplement 20, 2007 
ISBN: 9780199219483 
Price: £20 / US$38

The Impact of Midrash
Irving Jacobs 
Supplement 19, 2006 
ISBN: 9780199207220 
Price: £20 / US$38

Mulla Sadra Shirazi: His Life and Works and the Sources for Safavid Philosophy
Sajjad Rizvi 
Supplement 18, 2007 
ISBN: 9780199297429 
Price: £20 / US$38

Studies in Jewish Prayer
Robert Hayward and Brad Embry (eds) 
Supplement 17, 2005 
ISBN: 9780199296415 
Price: £20 / US$38

Studia Semitica - 50th Jubilee Issue
Philip S. Alexander, George J. Brooke, Andreas Christmann, John F. Healey and Philip C. Sadgrove (eds) 
Supplement 16, 2005 
ISBN: 9780198570929 
Price: £25 / US$41.50

The History of Printing and Publishing in the Languages and Countries of the Middle East
Philip C. Sadgrove (ed.) 
Supplement 15, 2005 
ISBN: 9780198568759 
Price: £20 / US$38

Studies on Arabia in Honour of G. Rex Smith
J. F. Healey and V. Porter (eds) 
Supplement 14, 2002 
ISBN: 9780198510642 
Price: £40 / US$60 

Exegesis and Grammar in Medieval Karaite Texts
Geoffrey Kahn (ed.) 
Supplement 13, 2001 
ISBN: 9780198510659 
Price: £40 / US$60

Studies in Islamic and Middle Eastern Texts and Traditions: in Memory of Norman Calder
G. R. Hawting, J. A. Mojaddedi and A. Samely (eds) 
Supplement 12, 2000 
ISBN: 9780199290062 
Price: £40 / US$60

Jewish Ways of Reading the Bible
George J. Brooke (ed.) 
Supplement 11, 2000 
ISBN: 9780198509189 
Price: £40 / US$60

Treatise on the Errors of the Physicians in Damascus
Oliver Kahl 
Supplement 10, 2000 
ISBN: 9780199290024 
Price: £45 / US$67.50

The Book of the Islamic Market Inspector
R. P. Buckley 
Supplement 9, 1999 
ISBN: 9780199224340 
Price: £40 / US$60

From Judaism to Christianity: Studies in the Hebrew and Syriac Bible
Michael P. Weitzman 
Supplement 8, 1999 
ISBN: 9780199224241 
Price: £55 / US$82.50

Studies on the Syriac Apocryphal Psalms
H.F. van Rooy 
Supplement 7, 1999 
ISBN: 9780199224234 
Price: £40 / US$60

Jewish Contributions to Nineteenth-Century Arabic Theatre
Shmuel Moreh and Philip Sadgrove 
Supplement 6, 1996 
ISBN: 9780199222742 
Price: £40 / US$60

Ancient Yemen: Some General Trends of Evolution of the Sabaic Language and Sabaean Culture
Andrey Korotayev 
Supplement 5, 1995 
ISBN: 9780199222377 
Price: £30 / US$45

Studia Aramaica: New Sources and New Approaches. Papers Delivered at the London Conference of The Institute of Jewish Studies, University College London, 26th-28th June 1991
M. J Geller, J. C. Greenfield and M.P. Weitzman (eds) 
Supplement 4, 1995 
ISBN: 9780199221943 
Price: £35 / US$52.50

The Knowledge of Life: The Origins and Early History of the Mandaeans and their Relations to the Sabians of the Qu'ran and to the Harranians
Sinasi Gündüz 
Supplement 3, 1994 
ISBN: 9780199221936 
Price: £30 / US$45

Saint Ephrem's Commentary on Tatian's Diatessaron: An English Translation of Chester Beatty Syriac MS 709 with Introduction and Notes
Carmel McCarthy 
Supplement 2, 1993 
ISBN: 9780199221639 
Price: £40 / US$60

The Nabataean Tomb Inscriptions of Mada'in Salih
John F. Healey 
Supplement 1, 1993 
ISBN: 9780199221622 
Price: £40 / US$60

Proposals for further titles

The editors welcome proposals for further titles in the series. The Supplements accepted for publication are always focussed on textual work in Semitic languages. This definition would, however, normally exclude submissions specifically on Judaism and Islam as world religions, sociology, anthropology and politics. On the other hand submissions on Modern Hebrew and Arabic literature and on contemporary interpretation of classical religious texts are welcome and are the subject of several published or planned Supplements.

Initial enquiries should include information on the content of the proposed book, on the likely number of pages and on whether any illustrations might be involved. The Editors have to consider the cost of production and likely sales of the volume. Cost can be affected by the length of the work and by the need for illustrations. Sometimes a subsidy has to be provided by the author. No royalties are paid.

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