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Podcast Series

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Latest Podcasts

Using Ficin-Treated Red Cells to Help Identity Clinically Significant Alloantibodies
Dr. Lance Williams discusses the pros and cons of using ficin-treated red cells to identify alloantibodies

Opportunities to Enhance Laboratory Professionals’ Role On the Diagnostic Team
Dr. Julie Taylor discusses the role of laboratory professionals on the diagnostic team

Lab Safety
Dr. Davis discusses safety culture in the lab and beyond

Rivaroxaban Therapy and False-Positive Lupus Anticoagulant Screening Results
Dr. Murer discusses rivaroxaban therapy and lupus anticoagulant screening results

Malarial infection in pregnancy
Dr. Rahaman discusses a case of placental malaria

Rapid Diagnosis of Naegleria fowleri and a Rare Case of Survival
Dr. Rebecca Levy et al discuss a patient who survived the "brain-eating amoeba."
Read the paper here.

The DAT Will Set You Free
Dr. Jian Chen discusses a false negative DAT result

Clinical Conversations: effective communication with the clinical care team
Special thanks to ZDoggMD for use of In Da Lab

Zika Virus Information for Laboratory Professionals and Pathologists

Hematology podcasts

Hemolysis in patient specimens

Leukopheresis 101

All hematology podcasts

Chemistry podcasts

Benzodiazepine in a Urine Specimen Without Drug Metabolites

Getting Physicians to Trust Your Potassiums

All chemistry podcasts

Microbiology podcasts

Emerging Colistin Resistance

MALDI-ToF for susceptibility testing

All microbiology podcasts

Transfusion Medicine

Apheresis 101

Old vs. New Blood

All transfusion medicine podcasts

Study Design Podcasts

Case Control Studies

Randomized controlled trials

Cohort Studies

Phlebotomy podcasts

Blood culture contamination

Risk management in phlebotomy

All phlebotomy podcasts

Laboratory Management

Transitioning from the bench to a leadership position

Cultivating leadership relationships

All laboratory management podcasts

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