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Editorial Team


Sudhir Kumar


Marjorie Gillis


Joseph Caspermeyer


Heather Rowe


Barry Hall

Marcy Uyenoyama


Walter Fitch

Masatoshi Nei


Agashe, Deepa , National Center for Biological Sciences, India

Akey, Joshua , University of Washington, USA

Banu Ozkan***, Sefika , Arizona State University, USA

Barlow, Miriam , University of California, Merced, USA

Crandall***, Keith , George Washington University, USA

de Meaux, Juliette , University of Münster, Germany

Di Rienzo*, Anna , University of Chicago, USA

Dudley, Joel , Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, USA

Falush, Daniel , Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany

Gaut*, Brandon , University of California, Irvine, USA

Ge***, Song , Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Gojobori, Takashi , National Institute of Genetics, Japan

Gouy*, Manolo , Université Lyon, France

Hahn*, Matthew , Indiana University, USA

Hedges*, S. Blair , Temple University, USA

Henn***, Brenna , Stanford University, USA

Hernandez, Ryan D. , University of California, San Francisco, USA

Heyer***, Evelyne , Musee de l'Homme Hommes, Natures, Societes, France

Innan, Hideki , School of Advanced Sciences, Japan

Irwin, David M. , University of Toronto, Canada

Jermiin, Lars , Australian National University, Australia

Kim, Yuseob , Ewha Womans University, Korea

Kong, Hongzhi , Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Kosakovsky Pond, Sergei , Temple University, USA

Kumar**, Sudhir , Temple University, USA

Leitner, Thomas , Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Malik***, Harmit , Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA

McInerney, James , National University of Ireland, Maynooth

McLysaght*, Aoife , Trinity College, Ireland

Mulligan, Connie , University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

Newfeld, Stuart , Arizona State University, USA

Nielsen, Rasmus , University of California, Berkeley, USA

Novembre, John , University of Chicago, USA

Nowick, Katja , Universität Leipzig, Germany

Pal, Csaba , Institute of Biochemistry, Hungary

Parsch, John , University of Munich, Germany

Perna***, Nicole , University of Wisconsin, USA

Pupko, Tal , Tel Aviv University, Israel

Purugganan, Michael , New York University, USA

Rocha*, Eduardo , Institut Pasteur, France

Rosenberg, Michael , Arizona State University, USA

Ruiz-Trillo***, Iñaki , Institut de Biologia Evolutiva, Spain

Russo, Claudia , Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ruvinsky, Ilya , University of Chicago, USA

Saitou, Naruya , National Institute of Genetics, Japan

Satta, Yoko , Graduate University of Advanced Studies, Japan

Shapiro, Beth , University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Singh, Nadia , North Carolina State University, USA

Stone*, Anne C. , Arizona State University, USA

Su, Bing , Kunming Institute of Zoology, China

Takezaki*, Naoko , Kagawa University, Japan

Tamura, Koichiro , Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Teeling, Emma , University College Dublin, Ireland

Thorne*, Jeffrey , North Carolina State University, USA

Townsend***, Jeffrey , Yale University, USA

True, John , Stony Brook University, USA

Vidal, Nicholas , Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, France

von Haeseler*, Arndt , Center for Integrative Bioinformatics, Austria

Wagner*, Gunter , Yale University, USA

Wilke, Claus , University of Texas, USA

Wittkopp, Patricia , University of Michigan, USA

Wray, Gregory , Duke University, USA

Wright, Stephen , University of Toronto, Canada

Yeager, Meredith , National Cancer Institute, USA

Zhang*, George , University of Michigan, USA

* Senior Editor, ** Editor-in-Chief, *** Guest Editor

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