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Cancer, Cardiology and Infectious Diseases

New Virtual Issue from Molecular Biology and Evolution

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Rampant Parasexuality Evolves in a Hospital Pathogen during Antibiotic Selection
Kathryn Beabout, Troy G. Hammerstrom, Tim T. Wang, Minny Bhatty, Peter J. Christie, Gerda Saxer, and Yousif Shamoo

Pooled Sequencing and Rare Variant Association Tests for Identifying the Determinants of Emerging Drug Resistance in Malaria Parasites

Ian H. Cheeseman, Marina McDew-White, Aung Pyae Phyo, Kanlaya Sriprawat, François Nosten, and Timothy J.C. Anderson

The Convergent Cancer Evolution toward a Single Cellular Destination
Han Chen and Xionglei He

The d(J)/d(S) Ratio Test Reveals Hundreds of Novel Putative Cancer Drivers
Han Chen, Ke Xing, and Xionglei He

Studying Tumorigenesis through Network Evolution and Somatic Mutational Perturbations in the Cancer Interactome
Feixiong Cheng, Peilin Jia, Quan Wang, Chen-Ching Lin, Wen-Hsiung Li, and Zhongming Zhao

Signatures of Evolutionary Adaptation in Quantitative Trait Loci Influencing Trace Element Homeostasis in Liver
Johannes Engelken, Guadalupe Espadas, Francesco M. Mancuso, Nuria Bonet, Anna-Lena Scherr, Victoria Jímenez-Álvarez, Marta Codina-Solà, Daniel Medina-Stacey, Nino Spataro, Mark Stoneking, Francesc Calafell, Eduard Sabidó, and Elena Bosch

Population Diversity and Adaptive Evolution in Keratinization Genes: Impact of Environment in Shaping Skin Phenotypes
Pramod Gautam, Amit Chaurasia, Aniket Bhattacharya, Ritika Grover, Indian Genome Variation Consortium, Mitali Mukerji, and Vivek T. Natarajan

Molecular Evolution of the Yap/Yorkie Proto-Oncogene and Elucidation of Its Core Transcriptional Program
Aissam Ikmi, Bjoern Gaertner, Christopher Seidel, Mansi Srivastava, Julia Zeitlinger, and Matthew C. Gibson

Shared Genetic Signals of Hypoxia Adaptation in Drosophila and in High-Altitude Human Populations
Aashish R. Jha, Dan Zhou, Christopher D. Brown, Martin Kreitman, Gabriel G. Haddad, and Kevin P. White

Human Enhancers Are Fragile and Prone to Deactivating Mutations
Shan Li and Ivan Ovcharenko

The Evolution and Functional Impact of Human Deletion Variants Shared with Archaic Hominin Genomes
Yen-Lung Lin, Pavlos Pavlidis, Emre Karakoc, Jerry Ajay, and Omer Gokcumen

A Molecular Evolutionary Reference for the Human Variome
Li Liu, Koichiro Tamura, Maxwell Sanderford, Vanessa E. Gray, and Sudhir Kumar

BMD Loci Contribute to Ethnic and Developmental Differences in Skeletal Fragility across Populations: Assessment of Evolutionary Selection Pressures

Carolina Medina-Gómez, Alessandra Chesi, Denise H.M. Heppe, Babette S. Zemel, Jia-Lian Yin, Heidi J. Kalkwarf, Albert Hofman, Joan M. Lappe, Andrea Kelly, Manfred Kayser, Sharon E. Oberfield, Vicente Gilsanz, André G. Uitterlinden, John A. Shepherd, Vincent W.V. Jaddoe, Struan F.A. Grant, Oscar Lao, and Fernando Rivadeneira

Reconciling Phylodynamics with Epidemiology: The Case of Dengue Virus in Southern Vietnam
David A. Rasmussen, Maciej F. Boni, and Katia Koelle

Human Adaptation to Arsenic-Rich Environments
Carina M. Schlebusch, Lucie M. Gattepaille, Karin Engström, Marie Vahter, Mattias Jakobsson, and Karin Broberg

A New Method for Estimating Species Age Supports the Coexistence of Malaria Parasites and Their Mammalian Hosts
Joana C. Silva, Amy Egan, Cesar Arze, John L. Spouge, and David G. Harris

Alternative Splice in Alternative Lice
Jaime M. Tovar-Corona, Atahualpa Castillo-Morales, Lu Chen, Brett P. Olds, John M. Clark, Stuart E. Reynolds, Barry R. Pittendrigh, Edward J. Feil, and Araxi O. Urrutia

Adaptive Evolution as a Predictor of Species-Specific Innate Immune Response
Andrew E. Webb, Z. Nevin Gerek, Claire C. Morgan, Thomas A. Walsh, Christine E. Loscher, Scott V. Edwards, and Mary J. O’Connell

Rates of Vaccine Evolution Show Strong Effects of Latency: Implications for Varicella Zoster Virus Epidemiology
Lucy A. Weinert, Daniel P. Depledge, Samit Kundu, Anne A. Gershon, Richard A. Nichols, Francois Balloux, John J. Welch, and Judith Breuer

Why HumanDisease-Associated Residues Appear as the Wild-Type in Other Species:Genome-Scale Structural Evidence for the Compensation Hypothesis
Jinrui Xu and Jianzhi Zhang

Genomic and Network Patterns of Schizophrenia Genetic Variation in Human Evolutionary Accelerated Regions

Ke Xu, Eric E. Schadt, Katherine S. Pollard, Panos Roussos, and Joel T. Dudley

The Landscape of Realized Homologous Recombination in Pathogenic Bacteria
Koji Yahara, Xavier Didelot, Keith A. Jolley, Ichizo Kobayashi, Martin C.J. Maiden, Samuel K. Sheppard, and Daniel Falush

Positive Selection Drives Preferred Segment Combinations during Influenza Virus Reassortment
Konstantin B. Zeldovich, Ping Liu, Nicholas Renzette, Matthieu Foll, Serena T. Pham, Sergey V. Venev, Glen R. Gallagher, Daniel N. Bolon, Evelyn A. Kurt-Jones, Jeffrey D. Jensen, Daniel R. Caffrey, Celia A. Schiffer, Timothy F. Kowalik, Jennifer P. Wang, and Robert W. Finberg

Emerging OP354-Like P 8 Rotaviruses Have Rapidly Dispersed from Asia to Other Continents

Mark Zeller, Elisabeth Heylen, Susan Damanka, Corinna Pietsch, Celeste Donato, Tsutomu Tamura, Ruta Kulkarni, Ritu Arora, Nigel Cunliffe, Leena Maunula, Christiaan Potgieter, Sana Tamim, Sarah De Coster, Elena Zhirakovskaya, Salwa Bdour, Helen O’Shea, Carl D. Kirkwood, Mapaseka Seheri, Martin Monene Nyaga, Jeffrey Mphahlele, Shobha D. Chitambar, Ron Dagan, George Armah, Nina Tikunova, Marc Van Ranst, and Jelle Matthijnssens

Evolutionary Origin and Human-Specific Expansion of a Cancer/Testis Antigen Gene Family

Qu Zhang and Bing Su

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