Pantholops hodgsonii (Abel, 1826) is a bovid commonly called the chiru or Tibetan antelope. Pantholops is monotypic. This species inhabits high-elevation alpine and desert steppe with flat to rolling terrain in the Tibetan Plateau and only recently has been studied in any detail. At least 5 populations of P. hodgsonii are migratory, some moving up to 300–400 km; others are nonmigratory. This species is endangered because of exploitation and competition with domestic livestock of pastoralists; extant populations probably number about 100,000. It is virtually unknown in zoos, but young have been born and orphans have been reared successfully in a 200-ha fenced enclosure in native habitat.

Author notes

Associate editors of this account were David A. Zegers and Pamela Owen. Synonymies were reviewed by Alfred L. Gardner and Colin P. Groves. Editor was Meredith J. Hamilton.