Hipposideros caffer (Sundevall, 1846) is a hipposiderid bat commonly called Sundevall's leaf-nosed or roundleaf bat. H caffer is a medium-sized insectivorous bat with a horseshoe-shaped nose leaf and 2 color phases in adulthood. It is 1 of 67 species in the genus Hipposideros and is found in the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, in most of Africa south of the Sahara (excluding the central forested region), and in Morocco, Zanzibar, and Pemba. H caffer is a savanna-dwelling species and inhabits a variety of roost types including caves, hollow trees, and abandoned buildings. It often roosts in groups of thousands of individuals, is very common, and is not of special conservation concern.

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Associate editor of this account was Eric Rickart. Ryan Norris reviewed the synonymy. Editor was Meredith J. Hamilton.