lntremolecular hybrldizatlon experiments show that murlne 18S rRNA and 28s rRNA are capable of forming stable hybrid structures with mRNA from genes p53, c-myc and c-mos from the same species. Both 5′-uncoding and coding oncogene p53 mRNA regions contain fragments Interacting with rRNA. Computer analysis revealed 18s rRNA fragments complementary to ollgonucleotldes frequently met in mRNA, which are potential hybridization regions (clinger-fragments). The distribution of clinger-fragments along 18S rRNA sequence Is universal at least for one hundred murine mRNA sequences analyzed. Maximal frequencies of ollgonucleotldes complementary to 18s rRNA cllngerfragments are reliably (2–3 times) higher for mRNA than for intron sequences and randomly generated sequences. The results obtained suggest a possible role of clinger-fragments In translatlon processes as unlverslal reglons of mRNA binding.