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DNA Aging Collection

Johannes Grillari and William Dynan [Full Text]

The ageing mitochondrial genome
Kim J. Krishnan, Laura C. Greaves, Amy K. Reeve and Doug Turnbull
Advance Access publication: October 2, 2007 [Full Text]

Human diseases of telomerase dysfunction: insights into tissue aging
Christine Kim Garcia, Woodring E. Wright and Jerry W. Shay
Advance Access publication: October 2, 2007 [Full Text]

DNA damage, cellular senescence and organismal ageing: causal or correlative?
Jian-Hua Chen, C. Nicholes Hales and Susan E. Ozanne
Advance Access publication: October 2, 2007 [Full Text]

Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in mammalian ageing
Sascha Beneke and Alexander Bürkle
Advance Access publication: October 2, 2007 [Full Text]

Changes in DNA repair during aging
Vera Gorbunova, Andrei Seluanov, Zhiyong Mao and Christpher Hine
Advance Access publication: October 2, 2007 [Full Text]

Two faces of p53: aging and tumor suppression
Francis Rodier, Judith Campisi and Dipa Bhaumik
Advance Access publication: October 16, 2007 [Full Text]

Caloric restriction and genomic stability
Ahmad R. Heydari, Archana Unnikrishnan, Lisa Ventrella Lucente and Arlan Richardson
Advance Access publication: October 16, 2007 [Full Text]

Oxidative DNA damage in mild cognitive impairment and late-stage Alzheimer's disease
Mark A. Lovell and William R. Markesbery
Advance Access publication: October 18, 2007 [Full Text]

DNA damage in telomeres and mitochondria during cellular senescence: is there a connection?
João F. Passos, Gabriele Saretzki and Thomas von Zglinicki
Advance Access publication: November 5, 2007 [Full text]

Yeast mother cell-specific ageing, genetic (in)stability, and the somatic mutation theory of ageing
Peter Laun, Carlo V. Bruschi, J. Richard Dickinson, Mark Rinnerthaler, Gino Heeren, Richard Schwimbersky, Raphaela Rid and Michael Breitenbach
Advance Access publication: November 6, 2007 [Full Text]

Human premature aging, DNA repair and RecQ helicases
Robert M. Brosh, Jr and Vilhelm A. Bohr
Advance Access publication: November 15, 2007 [Full Text]

DNA replication stress, genome instability and aging
William C. Burhans and Martin Weinberger
Advance Access publication: November 30, 2007 [Full Text]

The role of DNA damage repair in aging of adult stem cells
Jonathan Kenyon and Stanton L. Gerson
Advance Access publication: December 26, 2007 [Full Text]

Contributions of DNA interstrand cross-links to aging of cells and organisms
Johannes Grillari, Hermann Katinger, and Regina Voglauer
Advance Access publication: December 14, 2007 [Full Text]

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