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Earth Science


Long-term cycles in the carbon reservoir of the Quaternary ocean: a perspective from the South China Sea
PinXian Wang, QianYu Li, Jun Tian, ZhiMin Jian, ChuanLian Liu, Li Li, and WenTao Ma

Integrated study of the water–ecosystem–economy in the Heihe River Basin
Guodong Cheng, Xin Li, Wenzhi Zhao, Zhongmin Xu, Qi Feng, Shengchun Xiao, and Honglang Xiao

The Weng’an biota and the Ediacaran radiation of multicellular eukaryotes
Shuhai Xiao, A. D. Muscente, Lei Chen, Chuanming Zhou, James D. Schiffbauer, Andrew D. Wood, Nicholas F. Polys, and Xunlai Yuan

Mesozoic mammals of China: implications for phylogeny and early evolution of mammals
Jin Meng

The Jehol Biota, an Early Cretaceous terrestrial Lagerstätte: new discoveries and implications
Zhonghe Zhou

Tibetan Plateau climate dynamics: recent research progress and outlook
Guoxiong Wu, Anmin Duan, Yimin Liu, Jiangyu Mao, Rongcai Ren, Qing Bao, Bian He, Boqi Liu, and Wenting Hu

Target observations for improving initialization of high-impact ocean-atmospheric environmental events forecasting
Mu Mu, Wansuo Duan, Dake Chen, and Weidong Yu


Ovarian follicles shed new light on dinosaur reproduction during the transition towards birds.
Jingmai K. O’Connor, Xiaoting Zheng, Xiaoli Wang, Yan Wang and Zhonghe Zhou

Past, present and future of the carbon cycle
Zhenghui Xie, Ning Zeng, Huijun Wang, Zheng Lin, Xiangjun Tian and Binghao Jia

Integrated assessment of air quality and climate change for policy-making: highlights of IPCC AR5 and research challenges
Hong Liao and Wenyuan Chang

Defining the discipline of geobiology
Michael J. Benton and Shucheng Xie

Bone gain and loss: insights from genomes and fossils
Min Zhu

The end-Permian mass extinction: a still unexplained catastrophe
Shu-zhong Shen and Samuel A. Bowring

The diversity and host associations of Mesozoic giant fleas
Diying Huang

Insight into characteristics and sources of PM2.5 in the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region, China
Min Hu, Song Guo, Jian-fei Peng, and Zhi-jun Wu

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