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Physics and Mathematics


Quantum anomalous Hall effect
Ke He, Yayu Wang and Qi-Kun Xue

The family of topological phases in condensed matter
Shun-Qing Shen

A new epoch of quantum manipulation
Yongjian Han, Zhen Wang and Guang-Can Guo

Challenges of Big Data analysis
Jianqing Fan, Fang Han, and Han Liu

From a single network to a network of networks
Jianxi Gao, Daqing Li and Shlomo Havlin

Random complex networks
Michael Small, Lvlin Hou, and Linjun Zhang

Iron-based high transition temperature superconductors
Xianhui Chen, Pengcheng Dai, Donglai Feng, Tao Xiang, and Fu-Chun Zhang

Recent experimental progress of fractional quantum Hall effect: 5/2 filling state and graphene
Xi Lin, Ruirui Du and Xincheng Xie

Valley excitons in two-dimensional semiconductors
Hongyi Yu, Xiaodong Cui, Xiaodong Xu and Wang Yao


Topological insulating phase in commonly used semiconductors
Kai Chang

Creating Majorana fermions in topological insulators
Canhua Liu and Jin-Feng Jia

Shanghai synchrotron radiation facility
Jianhua He and Zhentang Zhao

Water science on the molecular scale: new insights into the characteristics of water
Jun Hu and Zexian Cao

Critical thinking of scale-free networks: similarities and differences in power-law random graphs
Dinghua Shi

Controlling complex, non-linear dynamical networks
Ying-Cheng Lai

Theoretical progress and practical challenges in controlling complex networks
Yang-Yu Liu

Single-photon-level quantum memory for photonic states encoded in orbital angular momentum space
Bao-Sen Shi and Guang-Can Guo

Macroscopic mechanical systems are entering the quantum world
Yong-Chun Liu and Yun-Feng Xiao

Atomistic modelling of deformation and failure mechanisms in nanostructured materials
Xiaoyan Li and Huajian Gao

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