Nicotine & Tobacco Research relies on the goodwill and expertise of fellow scientists to peer review the papers submitted to the journal. The editorial team are very grateful to the researchers listed below who acted as reviewers for submissions to Nicotine & Tobacco Research in 2016.

Abad-Vivero, Erika

Abrams, David

Abrantes, Ana

Abroms, Lorien

Abughosh, Susan

Acevedo-Bolton, Viviana

Acquavita, Shauna

Adams, E. Kathleen

Adams, Sally

Addicott, Merideth

Agaku, Israel

Aghi, Mira

Agrawal, Arpana

Ahijevych, Karen

AhnAllen, Christopher

Akerman, Sarah

Akers, Laura

Al Agili, Dania

Albert, Stephanie

Albright, Karen

Al-Delaimy, Wael

Alessi, Sheila

Alkhadim, Ghadah

Allem, Jon-Patrick

Allen, Alicia

Allen, Michele

Alomari, Mahmoud

Amato, Michael

Amos, Amanda

Amrock, Stephen

Andrews, Jeanette

Anesetti-Rothermel, Andrew

Anshari, Dien

Anthenelli, Robert

Ashare, Rebecca

Ashford, Kristin

Asvold, Bjorn...

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Article PDF first page preview
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