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Oxford Economic Papers is a general economics journal, publishing refereed papers in economic theory, applied economics, econometrics, economic development, economic history, and the history of economic thought …

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Food Price Volatility and its Consequences

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Not so dissatisfied after all? The impact of union coverage on job satisfaction

A new study has found that union bargaining coverage has significant positive associations with job satisfaction regarding pay and hours.

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Nobel Prize-winning authors

The 2015 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Angus Deaton.

Read his article published in the journal: The financial crisis and the well-being of Americans: 2011 OEP Hicks Lecture.

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From the OUPblog

Prostitution: The world's oldest public policy issue

Ever since the first arrangements were made for the exchange of some form of money for some form of sex, buying (or selling) sex has raised thorny issues for society's rulers and governments...

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What are the hidden effects of tax credits?

UK tax credits are benefits first introduced in 1999 to help low-paid families through topping up their wages with the aims of 'making work pay' and reducing poverty, although they also cover non-working families with children...

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The economics behind detecting terror plots

How many good guys are needed to catch the bad guys? This is the staffing question faced by counterterrorism agencies the world over...

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Performance pay and ethnic earnings

The British labour market shares two important trends with that in the United States. Wage inequality has increased dramatically since the 1980s and there has been increased use of performance pay, earnings that vary with worker job performance...

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