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30 Years of PEDS

Celebrate 30 years of Protein Engineering, Design & Selection

We're celebrating 30 years of PEDS with a curated collection of the journal’s most important protein research. Explore 10 articles handpicked by editors Alan Fersht and Valerie Daggett—freely available for a limited time.

Click on the article titles below to start reading, or find out more about PEDS with our anniversary infographic.


A Synthetic Igg-Binding Domain Based On Staphylococcal Protein-A
Bjorn Nilsson, Tomas Moks, Birger Jansson, et al.
Protein Engineering - February 1987

Determination Of 3-Dimensional Structures Of Proteins By Simulated Annealing With Interproton Distance Restraints - Application To Crambin, Potato Carboxypeptidase Inhibitor And Barley Serine Proteinase Inhibitor-2
Michael Nilges, Angela M. Gronenborn, Axel T. Briinger, and G. Marius Clore
Protein Engineering - April 1988

ALSCRIPT: a tool to format multiple sequence alignments
Geoffrey J. Barton
Protein Engineering - January 1993

Identification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic signal peptides and
prediction of their cleavage sites

Henrik Nielsen, Jacob Engelbrecht, Søren Brunak, and Gunnar von Heijne
Protein Engineering - January 1997

Twilight zone of protein sequence alignments
Burkhard Rost
Protein Engineering - February 1999

Engineering allosteric protein switches by domain insertion
Marc Ostermeier
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection - August 2005

Engineered antibody–drug conjugates with defined sites and stoichiometries of drug attachment
Charlotte F. McDonagh, Eileen Turcott, Lori Westendorf, et al.
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection - July 2006

Anti-serum albumin domain antibodies for extending the half-lives of short lived drugs
Lucy J. Holt, Amrik Basran, Kate Jones, et al.
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection - May 2008

PASylation: a biological alternative to PEGylation for extending the plasma half-life of pharmaceutically active proteins
Martin Schlapschy, Uli Binder, Claudia Börger, et al.
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection - August 2013

Computationally designed libraries for rapid enzyme stabilization
Hein J. Wijma, Robert J. Floor, Peter A. Jekel, et al.
Protein Engineering, Design & Selection - February 2014

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