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Virtual Special Issue: Growth limitations and controls of marine bacterioplankton

This Virtual Special Issue Growth limitations and controls of marine bacterioplankton presents a selection of articles published in Journal of Plankton Research over the past decade that focus on both bottom-up and top-down forcing factors influencing marine bacterial and archaeal plankton.

Recent research on marine planktonic autotrophic and heterotrophic prokaryotes has revealed intimate links between prokaryotic and eukaryotic plankton, yet the nature of many of these connections remains poorly understood.

In this Virtual Special Issue, selected studies from JPR are highlighted from this gradient of microbial dynamics in marine plankton. Studies are included that investigate factors controlling microbial mortality, predation and food web interactions, as well as the influence of the availability of nutrients, carbon, and various growth factors and resources on bacterial and archaeal community composition and function in the marine and estuarine plankton.

Pia H. Moisander, Ph.D.

Associate Editor

Journal of Plankton Research

Annual cycles of bacterioplankton biomass and production suggest a general switch between temperature and resource control in temperate coastal ecosystems.
Calvo-Diaz A, Franco-Vidal L, Moran XAG.

Nanoheterotroph grazing on bacteria and cyanobacteria in oxic and suboxic waters in coastal upwelling areas off northern Chile.
Cuevas LA, Morales CE

Vitamins, phytoplankton and bacteria: symbiosis or scavenging?
Droop MR.

Nitrogen uptake by heterotrophic bacteria and phytoplankton in Arctic surface waters.
Fouilland E, Gosselin M, Rivkin RB, Vasseur C, Mostajir B.

Effect of East Asian aerosol enrichment on microbial community composition in the South China Sea.
Guo C, Jing H, Kong L, Liu H.

Growth and grazing mortality rates of Prochlorococcus, Synechococcus and eukaryotic picophytoplankton in a bay of the Uwa Sea, Japan.
Hirose M, Katano T, Nakano S-I.

Spatial patterns of plankton biomass and stable isotopes reflect the influence of the nitrogen-fixer Trichodesmium along the subtropical North Atlantic.
Mompean C, Bode A, Benitez-Barrios VM, Francisco Dominguez-Yanes J, Escanez J, Fraile-Nuez E.

Diel regulation of hydrogen peroxide defenses by open ocean microbial communities.
Morris JJ, Johnson ZI, Wilhelm SW, and Zinser ER

Effect of P-limitation on prokaryotic and viral production in surface waters of the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea.
Motegi C, Kaiser K, Benner R, Weinbauer MG.

Grazer and viral impacts on microbial growth and mortality in the southern California Current Ecosystem.
Grazer and viral impacts on microbial growth and mortality in the southern California Current Ecosystem.

The utilization of polysaccharides by heterotrophic bacterioplankton in the Bay of Biscay (North Atlantic Ocean).
Piontek J, Haendel N, De Bodt C, Harlay J, Chou L, Engel A.

Microbial distribution and activity across a water mass frontal zone in the California Current Ecosystem.
Samo TJ, Pedler BE, Ball GI, Pasulka AL, Taylor AG, Aluwihare LI, et al.

Effect of nutrient enrichment on bacterioplankton biomass and community composition in mesocosms in the Archipelago Sea, northern Baltic.
Sipura J, Haukka K, Helminen H, Lagus A, Suomela J, Sivonen K.

Contribution of Crenarchaeota and Euryarchaeota to the prokaryotic plankton in the coastal northwestern Black Sea.
Stoica E, Herndl GJ.

Effect of bacterial community dynamics on DOC seasonal changes in the north-western Mediterranean Sea.
Trabelsi A and Rassoulzadegan F

Synechococcus growth in the ocean may depend on the lysis of heterotrophic bacteria.
Weinbauer MG, Bonilla-Findji O, Chan AM, Dolan JR, Short SM, Simek K, et al.

Ciliates, microbes and nutrients: interactions in the seasonally mixed Gulf of Aqaba.
Wickham, A.A., Claessens,M. and A. F. Post

Photoheterotrophy in marine prokaryotes.
Zubkov MV.

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