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Free Highly Cited Articles

Impact and Influence in Journal of Plankton Research

We have made the following highly cited articles free for you to explore. Click on the article title to read the full text.

Reproduction rates under variable food conditions and starvation in Mnemiopsis leidyi: significance for the invasion success of a ctenophore
Cornelia Jaspers, Lene Friis Møller, and Thomas Kiørboe

Heating up a cold subject: prospects for under-ice plankton research in lakes
Stephanie E. Hampton, Marianne V. Moore, Tedy Ozersky, Emily H. Stanley, Christopher M. Polashenski, and Aaron W.E. Galloway

Female mating status affects mating and male mate-choice in the copepod genus
Acartia Z.P. Burris and H. G. Dam

Effects of temperature on the feeding and growth of the larvae of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi
Maria Gambill, Lene Friis Møller, and Myron A. Peck

Copepod vital rates under CO2-induced acidification: a calanoid species and a cyclopoid species under short-term exposures
Stamatina Isari, Soultana Zervoudaki, Enric Saiz, Carles Pelejero, and Janna Peters

Pelagic population dynamics of Aurelia sp. in French Mediterranean lagoons
Raquel Marques, Séverine Albouy-Boyer, Floriane Delpy, Claire Carré, Émilie Le Floc'h, Cécile Roques, Juan-Carlos Molinero, and Delphine Bonnet

Patterns of thermal limits of phytoplankton
Bingzhang Chen

Grazer and viral impacts on microbial growth and mortality in the southern California Current Ecosystem
Alexis L. Pasulka, Ty J. Samo, and Michael R. Landry

Whale sharks target dense prey patches of sergestid shrimp off Tanzania
Christoph A. Rohner, Amelia J. Armstrong, Simon J. Pierce, Clare E. M. Prebble, E. Fernando Cagua, Jesse E. M. Cochran, Michael L. Berumen, and Anthony J. Richardson

Feeding and starvation in the native ctenophore Bolinopsis infundibulum and the introduced Mnemiopsis leidyi in the North Sea: implications for ctenophore transport in ships' ballast water
Lena Granhag and Aino Hosia

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