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Virtual Issues

These themed issues allow you to read a selection of papers on key topics free online.

Pacific Plankton
The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world oceans. It’s importance is reflected in the number and variety of papers published in Journal of Plankton Research, both historically and to the present day. Here we are highlighting a secletion of these papers to coincide with the 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting being held from Feb 26 to March 3 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Marine Bacterioplankton
Read a selection of articles from the last 10 years exploring the forcing factors that are influencing marine bacterial and archaeal plankton. The collection hopes to shed some light on the little understood intimate links that exist between various types of plankton.

Tintinnid Ciliates of the Microzooplankton
For over 35 years, Journal of Plankton Research has been publishing articles focusing on these curious shelled ciliates of the marine microzooplankton. While most of the studies have concerned seasonal distributions and abundances, a very wide range of topics have been addressed.

Larval Fish
The larvae of many fish species occur temporarily in the plankton. Their feeding interactions with other planktonic organisms have a major influence on recruitment to many of the world’s important fisheries.

Spanish Contributions to Plankton Research
Spanish authors are active contributors to the Journal of Plankton Research. Over 300 papers from Spain have been published in the journal since its launch in 1979.

Zooplankton Feeding Methodology
Methods for investigating zooplankton feeding have been the focus of a considerable body of papers in the Journal of Plankton Research. The collection of papers in this virtual special issue focuses on recent articles on a range of new approaches to quantifying feeding and digestion.

Mnemiopsis leidyi, Recent Studies on an Invasive Ctenophore
In this Virtual Issue we present a selection of this work on Mnemiopsis covering aspects of invasion ecology, impacts on European ecosystems, feeding and larval physiology, potential predators, species identity and sample preservation.

Plankton Functional Traits
This special issue, which has been organized by Associate Editors Beatrix Beisner and Zoe Finkel, represents the shift in research over the past decade and a half in trait-based approaches to plankton ecology. The Journal of Plankton Research has published many innovative Reviews, Horizons and original articles on plankton functional traits and functional group modelling.

Recent Japanese Contributions to Plankton Research
Japanese authors are active contributors to the Journal of Plankton Research. Over 200 papers from Japan have been published in the journal since its launch in 1979. To coincide with the 2012 ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting being held at Lake Biwa, Otsu, Japan we are highlighting recent papers from Japan in this collection.

Experimental Lakes Area
A recent editorial (Beisner, 2012) drew attention to the important contribution that studies as part of the Experimental Lakes Area programme in Canada have made to freshwater plankton ecology. Some of these studies, on a range of topics, have been important contributions to the Journal of Plankton Research.This collection highlights these papers.

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