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President Trump, the U.S. Supreme Court, and Public Opinion

This virtual issue of Public Opinion Quarterly brings together recent scholarship that assesses the dynamic relationship between public opinion and Supreme Court politics. The U.S. Supreme Court depends on the public's trust and respect in order to serve as an effective partner in American governance. At the same time, the Court has the power to periodically move public opinion. This virtual issue draws on the best of recent scholarship that speaks to events likely to unfold in the coming years during the administration of Donald Trump.

Introduction: President Trump, the U.S. Supreme Court, and Public Opinion
Michael J. Nelson and James L. Gibson
Virtual Issue Exclusive

Political Justice? Perceptions of Politicization and Public Preferences Toward the Supreme Court Appointment Process
Brandon L.Bartels and Christopher D. Johnston
Public Opinion Quarterly (2011)

Change in Institutional Support for the US Supreme Court Is the Court’s Legitimacy Imperiled by the Decisions it Makes
James L. Gibson and Michael J. Nelson
Public Opinion Quarterly (2016)

Issue-Specific Opinion Change The Supreme Court and Health Care Reform
Dino P. Christenson and David M. Glick
Public Opinion Quarterly (2015)

Issue Preferences and Evaluations of the US Supreme Court
Marc J. Hetherington and Joseph L. Smith
Public Opinion Quarterly (2007)

Public (Mis) Perceptions of Supreme Court Ideology A Method for Directly Comparing Citizens and Justices
Stephen Jessee and Neil Malhotra
Public Opinion Quarterly (2013)

Ideology, The Affordable Care Act Ruling, and Supreme Court Legitimacy
Christopher D.Johnston, D. Sunshine Hillygus, and Brandon L. Bartels
Public Opinion Quarterly (2014)

Review of Thomas R. Marshall, Public Opinion and the Rehnquist Court
James L. Gibson
Public Opinion Quarterly (2008)

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