ELIMINATION from foods of pathogens of the genus Salmonella has been the object of many investigations in the past 60 years. Generally, temperatures of 60 to 65°C. for several minutes are sufficient to destroy Salmonella even when they are present in counts as high as a million per g. Rosenau (1912) reported the destruction of B. typhosus in milk in 2 minutes at 60°C. Tanner and Dubois (1925) confirmed the destruction of the paratyphoid group in 10 to 20 minutes at 60°C. Winter et al. (1946) reported that most of the 164 cultures they studied were destroyed in less than 3 minutes at 60°C. Osborne et al. (1954) and Anellis et al. (1954) reported similar data from a somewhat more detailed study with a smaller number of strains. Nevot et al. (1958) observed that S. typhimurium were destroyed in 3.3 minutes at 60°C.

Whereas the foregoing citations seem to establish . . .

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