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Editorial Board


Dr. Robert L. Taylor, Jr.
Division Director and Professor of Animal & Nutritional Sciences
West Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia

Section Editors:

Animal Well-Being and Behavior:

Cordoba, Argentina

Genetics and Genomics:

Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

Immunology, Health, and Disease:

Lisa Bielke (2019)
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Mike Kogut (2019)
USDA Agricultural Research Service
College Station, Texas

Metabolism and Nutrition:

Animal Sciences
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Animal Nutrition
Tarragona, Spain

Molecular and Cellular Biology:

Hsiao-Ching Liu (2016)
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

Physiology and Reproduction:

Penn State
University Park, Pennsylvania

Animal Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Processing and Products:

Poultry Science Department
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Microbiology and Food Safety:

Richard Gast (2019)
USDA Agricultural Research Service
Athens, Georgia

Management and Production:

Michael Lilburn (2019)
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Associate Editors (20172018):

N. Akar (2018)

S. A. Adedokun (2019)

O. Adeola (2018)

C. Z. Alvarado (2017)

M. A. Amalaradjou (2017)

T. Applegate (2018)

G. Bedecarrats (2019)

W. Berry (2017)

W. Bessei (2017)

L. Bielke (2019)

D. Biswas (2017)

K. Bregendahl (2018)

J. A. Byrd II (2017)

D. J. Caldwell (2019)

H. M. Cervantes (2019)

H. D. Chapman (2019)

E. Collisson (2019)

M. Compton (2018)

M. Cook (2019)

P. F. Cotter (2019)

C. Coufal (2017)

R. A. Dalloul (2019)

R. Dennis (2017)

W. A. Dozier (2018)

K. D. Dunkley (2017)

R. G. Elkin (2018)

D. Emmerson (2018)

G. Erf (2018)

P. R. Ferket (2017)

K. E. Gibson (2018)

M. E. Hume (2018)

D. J. Jackwood (2019)

D. Józefi ak (2017)

S. A. Kaczmarek (2019)

I. Kang (2018)

E. Kebreab (2017)

C. L. Keeler (2019)

M. Koci (2018)

K. W. Koelkebeck (2017)

M. H. Kogut (2019)

B.-W. Kong (2017)

O. K. Koo (2018)

I. Kyriazakis (2018)

A. Lammers (2019)

S. J. Lamont (2019)

D. Latshaw (2018)

J. Lee (2017)

S. A. Leigh (2019)

A. W. Levy (2017)

H. Lillehoj (2018)

J. Lin (2018)

G. G. Mateos (2017)

D. McIntyre (2017)

R. Meijerhof (2017)

A. Meluzzi (2018)

S. Milillo (2017)

S. N. Nahashon (2017)

A. Narcy (2018)

K. J. Navara (2017)

H. K. Parmentier (2019)

R. Payne (2018)

A. J. Pescatore (2017)

V. Pirgozliev (2017)

R. Poureslami (2018)

A. Pradhan (2017)

S. Purdum (2017)

G. H. Qi (2018)

G. Rajashekara (2017)

V. Ravindran (2018)

T. B. Rodenburg (2017)

J. C. Rodriguez-Lecompte (2019)

C. Ruiz-Feria (2017)

S. M. Rutherfurd (2018)

M. Schilling (2018)

K. Schwean-Lardner (2018)

P. Selle (2017)

R. K. Selvaraj (2019)

C. S. Sharma (2018)

M. Singh (2017)

J. Snow (2019)

J. Song (2017)

R. L. Taylor, Jr. (2019)

K. Turner (2017)

B. H. Voy (2017)

P. Wakenell (2019)

R. Walzem (2018)

S. K. Williams (2018)

R. Wolfenden (2019)

N. Yang (2017)

A. Yersin (2017)

J. Zentek (2019)

W. Zhai (2018)

H. Zhuang (2018)

M. J. Zuidhof (2017)

Oxford University Press Staff:

Matthew J. Marusak
Senior Production Editor

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