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Deborah S. Carr, PhD, Editor*
Department of Sociology and Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
112 Paterson Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
E-mail: carrds@rutgers.edu

Kathleen Jackson, Managing Editor
Email: kjackson@geron.org

J. Scott Brown, PhD, Associate Editor*
Miami University, Ohio

Feinian Chen, PhD, Associate Editor

University of Maryland

Philippa Clarke, PhD, Associate Editor*
University of Michigan

Emily Greenfield, PhD, Associate Editor
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Jessica Kelley-Moore, PhD, Associate Editor*
Case Western Reserve University

James M. Raymo, PhD, Associate Editor
University of Wisconsin–Madison

J. Jill Suitor, PhD, Associate Editor*
Purdue University

Jan Warren-Findlow, PhD, Associate Editor
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Christopher Marcum, Social Media Editor

Editorial Board

Emily Agree, PhD*
Johns Hopkins University

Duane Alwin, PhD
Pennsylvania State University

Kristine Ajrouch, PhD*
Eastern Michigan University

Thomas A. Arcury, PhD*
Wake Fores University

Monika Ardelt, PhD*
University of Florida

Tamara Baker, PhD*
University of Kansas

Anne Barrett, PhD*
Florida State University

Lisa C. Barry, PhD*
University of Connecticut Health Center

Alex Bierman, PhD
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Benjamin Cornwell, PhD
Cornell University

Dale Dannefer, PhD*
Case Western Reserve University

Jennifer Dowd, PhD
Hunter College, CUNY

David J. Ekerdt, PhD*
University of Kansas

Joe Feinglass, PhD
Northwestern University

Stefan Fors, PhD
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University, Sweden

Elliot Friedman, PhD*
Purdue University

Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD*
University of Minnesota

Karen Glaser, PhD
Kings College, London

Emily Grundy, PhD
London School of Economics

Danan Gu, PhD
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

Jung-Hwa Ha, PhD
Seoul National University, South Korea

Mark Hayward, PhD
University of Texas at Austin

Pamela Herd, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Candace Kemp, PhD*
Georgia State University

Hal Kendig, PhD*
Australian National University, Canberra

Sarah Laditka, PhD*
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Vicki Lamb, PhD
North Carolina Central University

Jersey Liang, PhD*
University of Michigan

I-Fen Lin, PhD
Bowling Green State University

Scott M. Lynch, PhD*
Duke University

Christopher Marcum, PhD
National Institutes of Health

Carlos Mendes de Leon, PhD*
University of Michigan

Jennifer Karas Montez, PhD
Syracuse University

Thomas Prohaska, PhD*
University of Illinois at Chicago

Ana Roman Quinones, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University

Corinne Reczek, PhD

The Ohio State University

Jean-Marie Robine, PhD*
INSERM, Montpellier, France

J. Tina Savla, PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Markus Schafer, PhD
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Benjamin A. Shaw, PhD, MPH*
University at Albany, SUNY

Tetyana Shippee, PhD*
University of Minnesota

Merril Silverstein, PhD*
Syracuse University

Marc Szydlik, PhD
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Miles G. Taylor, PhD
Florida State University

Daniel J. Van Dussen, PhD
Youngstown State University

Theo G. van Tilburg, PhD*
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sharon W. Williams, PhD
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Janet M. Wilmoth, PhD*
Syracuse University

Rebeca Wong, PhD
University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston

Anna Zajacova, PhD
University of Wyoming

Zachary Zimmer, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Publications Committee

Noah J. Webster, PhD, Chair
University of Michigan

Margie E. Lachman, PhD, Chair-Elect*
Brandeis University

Debra Bakerjian, MSN, PhD, RN
University of California, Davis,
Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Anthony Bardo, PhD
Duke University

J. Scott Brown, PhD*
Miami University

Melissa Cannon, PhD
University of Western Oregon

Deborah Carr, PhD*
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Rafael de Cabo, PhD
National Institute on Aging

Tamas Fulop, MD, PhD*
Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Victoria Gibbs, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Judith L. Howe, PhD, DSW*
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Robert B. Hudson, PhD*
Boston University

Bob G. Knight, PhD*
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Tony Kuo, MD, MSHS
University of California, Los Angeles

Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH*
University of Pittsburgh Center for Healthy Aging

Kelly Niles-Yokum, PhD, MPA
University of La Verne

Steven J. Prior, PhD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Rachel A. Pruchno, PhD*
Rowan University

Miriam S. Rose, M.Ed. 
Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Laura P. Sands, PhD*
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Gregory C. Smith, PhD*
Kent State University

Panayiotis Tsitouras, MD*
University of Oklahoma

*Fellow of The Gerontological Sociey of America
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