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Instructions for submitting authors

1. Online submission of manuscripts
2. Revised Manuscript Submission

For any inquiries or advice, please contact the PTEP editorial office by email: ptep@jps.or.jp.


User registration

For first-time users, registration is required. Please access the following URL and click "register" on the bottom-left of the screen: https://publication.jps.jp/cgi-bin/ptep/submission/submission.cgi. Please follow the instructions on the Registration page and input the required information in the entry fields on the screen. Click "Next", confirm the information you have entered, and then click "Register" to finish registration. Your password will be sent to the email address you have registered. Please use this to log in using the same URL above.

If you are already registered with the PTP Online Submission System, you can log in with PTP's ID and Password. In case user information has changed, please update the information on both PTP and PTEP system, as the systems are different.

If you forget your password, send us your email address by clicking "Get a new one here". A new password will be sent. You can change your password to what is easier to memorize. After logging in, click "Edit Your Information" on the top-right of the screen and rewrite the current password to the new one. Please update the user information through "Edit Your Information" whenever it changes.

To submit a manuscript, please click "Submit a New Paper" and input the required information on the "Manuscript Information" page. Please select the main subject of the manuscript in the "Subject Index Section". The order of articles will be determined according to this Subject Index Section. Please select "More Specific Subject Index" carefully from drop-down menu from the minimum 1 to the maximum 5. This determines which editor will be in charge of your paper in the review process. Check boxes are displayed in the 3rd step after clicking "Subject Index". Please click and mark the boxes for registration. You can undo your choice by clicking the check mark again. It is possible to select subject indices from the different "Subject Index Section".

Please select your terms of payment of Article Processing Charge (APC). Please select "By author's affiliation" if it is necessary to send the invoice to your affiliated institution.

Please submit your paper by uploading your manuscript as a single PDF file or inputting your paper's arXiv ID. If submitting using your paper's arXiv ID, please confirm that your PDF file is accessible in arXiv. Any other file will NOT be accepted for submission. Please create a font-embedded PDF file in order to avoid possible font errors. The maximum size of PDF file for uploading is 10MB.

Please upload References Item(s) and Supplemental Material(s) if necessary. To do so, please follow the instruction on the screen when uploading.

Click "Next" and confirm the information you have entered is correct. Click "Submit" and your paper will be submitted.
If your paper is submitted successfully, a pre-identification number (ex. Paper No: T00001) will be shown on the screen, and an email with the number will be automatically sent to you, please keep this number for your records.

After the editorial office confirms that there is no problem with the submission, an email with formal reference number for your paper will be sent to you and the pre-identification number will be updated to formal reference number on your user page. The submission of your paper is completed after all these procedures.

Submitting a replacement manuscript

Replacement of submitted paper is NOT allowed during the review process.

How to check the status of a manuscript under review

The corresponding author can check the manuscript status. To do so, please login by entering your email address and password at this page: https://publication.jps.jp/cgi-bin/ptep/submission/submission.cgi. Please find the relevant manuscript and click its paper number to select. Review progress is shown in the "History" column. The review status will be updated regularly.

For co-authors to check the manuscript status, please enter paper number and password to enter manuscript page at this site: https://publication.jps.jp/cgi-bin/ptep/submission/submission.cgi. The paper number and password are written in the email which is sent to the corresponding author by the editorial office when submission was completed. The review status will be updated regularly.

For authors wishing to withdraw the submission, please click the "Withdraw" button at the bottom of the screen. Withdrawal can be done at any point. If there is no response from the authors by the revised manuscript due date, the submission will be considered to be withdrawn.



To submit a revised manuscript after completing revisions requested by the editor, please follow the instructions below. Submission of revised manuscript is required within three months of the notification mail explaining the editor/s decision. In the notification mail you will find the following URL to submit your revised manuscript: https://publication.jps.jp/cgi-bin/ptep/submission/submission.cgi.

Click the URL, and then click on your paper number to enter the manuscript page. Find the review comment by clicking "View Review Report". Prepare PDF files of the revised manuscript while referring to the Review Report comments. If you submit by inputting an arXiv ID, do not forget to upload your revised paper to arXiv. When you have prepared your revised paper, click "Submit a Revised Manuscript" and input necessary items. 

If there are more than two referee's reports, please prepare author responses for each review report, separately. Enter your responses in the "Author Reply and Summary of Change" column and highlight the changes you made. It is acceptable to submit author responses by uploading a PDF file.

If you have changed the manuscript title or any author information, please modify this information in the “Manuscript Information” column and make a note in the “Comment” column at the bottom of the screen. 

As well as the original submission, please submit your revised manuscript by uploading a single PDF file or inputting the arXiv ID. If you are submitting via arXiv, please make sure arXiv has already been updated with the revised manuscript PDF.
Review the manuscript information you have inputted by clicking the “Next” button. Please click “Submit” if everything is correct. The message “Resubmission has been completed” will be displayed on the next page and you will receive an automatic mail which notifies completion. After confirming revised submission, the editor will send a notification mail which announces acceptance of the revised manuscript to corresponding author. It may have some time for the editor to confirm acceptance after resubmission. Please note, revised manuscripts will be sent for re-review using this procedure.

The journal’s policy is that papers will not be reconsidered once given a decision of rejection from the Editorial Board. However, in exceptional cases where the author can demonstrate new and significant points of scientific merit, the paper may be reconsidered for publication (one time only). Please send your email of rebuttal to the Editorial office.

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