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Xingdong Zhang

Executive Editor-in-Chief
Fu-Zhai Cui

About the journal

Regenerative Biomaterials is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal publishing the latest advances in biomaterials and regenerative medicine …

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Editor's Choice 2014/15

Read handpicked articles from 2014/15 as chosen by our Editors:

Research Articles

Next-generation resorbable polymer scaffolds with surface-precipitated calcium phosphate coatings
Jinku Kim, Maria Hanshella R. Magno, Ophir Ortiz, Sean McBride, Aniq Darr, Joachim Kohn, and Jeffrey O. Hollinger

Effect of porosities of bilayered porous scaffolds on spontaneous osteochondral repair in cartilage tissue engineering
Zhen Pan, Pingguo Duan, Xiangnan Liu, Huiren Wang, Lu Cao, Yao He, Jian Dong, Jiandong Ding

Degradation and biological properties of Ca-P contained micro-arc oxidation self-sealing coating on pure magnesium for bone fixation
Weidan Wang, Peng Wan, Chen Liu, Lili Tan, Weirong Li, Lugee Li, Ke Yang

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Highly Cited

Read highly cited papers from Regenerative Biomaterials:

Functionalized scaffolds to enhance tissue regeneration
Baolin Guo, Bo Lei, Peng Li, Peter X. Ma

Utilization of H-bond interaction of nucleobase Uralic with antitumor methotrexate to design drug carrier with ultrahigh loading efficiency and pH-responsive drug release
Teng-Teng Cai, Qi Lei, Bin Yang, Hui-Zhen Jia, Hong Cheng, Li-Han Liu, Xuan Zeng, Jun Feng, Ren-Xi Zhuo, Xian-Zheng Zhang

Multi-responsive hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications
Jennifer M. Knipe, Nicholas A. Peppas

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Regenerative Biomaterials accepted in ESCI

Regenerative Biomaterials was accepted for Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) coverage in late 2016, and all Regenerative Biomaterials articles published since 2016 are indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection

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