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Editor's Choice

The following articles have been selected by Editor-in-Chief, Dr Johannes Zoetelief, and are freely available to download and read.

Personal dose-equivalent conversion coefficients for 1252 radionuclides
Thomas Otto
Volume 168, Issue 1, 2016

The inverse-square gamma-irradiation anomaly of the Nuclear Enterprises 2575 large-volume ionisation chamber
Alex F. Bielajew1, Frédéric Tessier and Islam El Gamal
Volume 167, Issue 4, 2015

Influence of standing positions and beam projections on effective dose and eye lens dose of anaesthetists in interventional procedures
Y. Kong, L. Struelens, F. Vanhavere, C. S. Vargas, W. Schoonjans and W. H. Zhuo
Volume 163, Issue 2, 2015

Very-low-frequency and low-frequency electric and magnetic fields associated with electric shuttle bus wireless charging
R.A. Tell, Robert Kavet, J.R. Bailey and John Halliwell
Volume 158, Issue 2, 2014

Radiation protection, radiation safety and radiation shielding assessment of HIE-ISOLDE
Y.Romanets, A. P. Bernardes, A. Dorsival, I. F. Gonçalves, Y. Kadi, S. di Maria, P. Vaz, V. Vlachoudis and J. Vollaire
Volume 155, Issue 3, 2013

Air kerma to HP(3) conversion coefficients for photons from 10 keV to 10 MeV, calculated in a cylindrical phantom
G. Gualdrini, J. M. Bordy, J. Daures, E. Fantuzzi, P. Ferrari, F. Mariotti and F. Vanhavere
Volume 154, Issue 4, 2013

Estimation of specific absorbed fractions for selected organs due to photons emitted by activity deposited in the human respiratory tract using ICRP/ICRU male voxel phantom in FLUKA
H. K. Patni, D. K. Akar, M. Y. Nadar, V. P. Ghare, D. D. Rao and P. K. Sarkar
Volume 153, Issue 1, 2013

Development of a database of organ doses for paediatric and young adult CT scans in the United Kingdom
K. P. Kim, A. Berrington de González, M. S. Pearce, J. A. Salotti, L. Parker, K. McHugh, A. W. Craft and C. Lee
Volume 150, Issue 4, 2012

Distribution of natural radioactivity in sediment cores from Amvrakikos Gulf (Western Greece) as a part of IAEA’s campaign in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas
C. Tsabaris, N. Evangeliou, E. Fillis-Tsirakis, M. Sotiropoulou, D. L. Patiris and H. Florou
Volume 150, Issue 4, 2012

Radioactive Pollution From Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant In The Terrestrial Environment.
H. Tazoe, M. Hosod,, A. Sorimachi, A. Nakata, M. A. Yoshida, S. Tokonami and M Yamada
Volume 152, Issue 1-3, 2012

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