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First Person Accounts

First person accounts are an accessible, educational source for those trying to gain insight into the first-hand experience of severe mental illness. This is particularly helpful for students studying psychology or neuroscience, basic scientists working on models of mental illness, and family members trying to better understand a relative with mental illness.

First person accounts place the illness in the context of real lives and vividly illustrate how someone's life has changed. The stories range from accounts of constant struggle to narratives of hope and recovery. Uniquely individual, they do not necessarily generalize to others, but their experiential diversity reflects the heterogeneity of mental illness.

An appreciation of the impact made by severe mental illness helps humanize the condition, foster empathy and compassion, reduce stigma, and generate hope. First person accounts also enhance societal appreciation of the human condition compromised by severe mental illness.

The articles below are free to access.

The Hammer: Something to Ignore
Jason Jepson

Early Intervention in First Episode Psychosis: A Service User’s Experience
Stephanie Allan

My Experience with Psychiatric Services

A Vets Recovery
Jason Jepson

Why Am I Studying Neuroscience When I Have a Disease Science Can’t Explain: A Brief Synopsis From My Book Life Insane: My Memoir—Making of the Madman (Case Number: TXu001850659, US Copyright Office, Date: February 2, 2013)
Francesco Vitasola

Working While Rehabbing
Steve Colori

The Contribution of Experiential Wisdom to the Development of the Mental Health Professional Discourse
Joanna Fox

My Outsider Art
Roberta Payne

Living With Schizophrenia
Avinash Desousa

Journaling as Therapy
Steve Colori


How Understanding Neuroscience Helps Me Get Unstuck
Amy Johnson

Listening to the Wherewho: A Lived Experience of Schizophrenia
Molly Watson

Video and Poor Insight in Persons with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia: Stigma and the Impact of Literature
Mark Ellerby

Senses or Schizophrenia

Understanding Referential Thinking
Steve Colori

The Journey
Dominic Hanley

Schizophrenia: Nutrition and Alternative Treatment Approaches
Berenice Royal

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