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Editorial Board


Gary W. Miller, Atlanta, GA


Virginia F. Hawkins, Reston, VA

Toxicological Sciences Editorial Office
1821 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190

302-326-9313 phone

Email the Editor


Aaron Barchowsky, Pittsburgh, PA
Aaron B. Bowman, Nashville, TN
Lu Cai, Louisville, KY
Jerry Campbell, Research Triangle Park, NC
Matthew Campen, Albuquerque, NM
Nathan Cherrington, Tucson, AZ
Lucio G. Costa, Seattle, WA
Brian Cummings, Athens, GA
Dana Dolinoy, Ann Arbor, MI
Michael L. Dourson, Cincinnati, OH
William H. Farland, Rockport, ME
Jodi Flaws, Urbana, IL
Barbara Hales, Montreal, Canada
Alison Harrill, Durham, NC
Ronald N. Hines, Research Triangle Park, NC
Saber Hussain, Dayton, OH
Hartmut Jaeschke, Kansas City, KS
Yiguo Jiang, Guangzhou, China
Gunnar Johanson, Stockholm, Sweden
Jeffrey Johnson, Madison, WI
Anumantha Kanthasamy, Ames, IA
Yoshiko Kumagai, Tsukuba, Japan
B. Paige Lawrence, Rochester, NY
Marc Pallardy, Chatenay Malabry, France
Jeffrey M. Peters, University Park, PA
Leslie Recio, Research Triangle Park, NC
Ruth Roberts, Alderley Edge, UK
Robert Tanguay, Corvallis, OR
Martin van den Berg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Laura S. Van Winkle, Davis, CA
Kristie Willett, Oxford, MS
Helmut Zarbl, Skillman, NJ


Laura Andrews, Worcester, MA
Michael Aschner, Bronx, NY
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Lucknow, India
Robert Barouki, Paris, France
Darrell Boverhof, Midland, MI
Philip Burcham, Crawley, Western Australia
Jeanine Bussiere, Thousand Oaks, CA
Jason Cannon, West Lafayette, IN
Michael Carvan, Milwaukee, WI
Janice Chambers, Mississippi State, MS
Robert Chapin, Groton, CT
Emanuela Corsini, Milan, Italy
Chris Corton, Research Triangle Park, NC
Richard Currie, Berkshire, UK
Rebecca Dearman, Macclesfield, Chesire, UK
David Dix, Washington, DC
Per Eriksson, Uppsala, Sweden
Jeffrey Everitt, Research Triangle Park, NC
Greg Falls, Research Triangle Park, NC
Marcelo Farina, Florianopolis, Brazil
Aimen Farraj, Research Triangle Park, NC
Jeffrey Fisher, Little Rock, AR
Rebecca Fry, Chapel Hill, NC
B. Bhaskar Gollapudi, Midland, MI
Dori Germolec, Research Triangle Park, NC
Howard P. Glauert, Lexington, KY
Peter L. Goering, Silver Spring, MD
Zoltan Gregus, Pecs, Hungary
Joseph Hanig, Silver Spring, MD
Mary Hixon, Cambridge, MA
Kyle Kolaja, Madison, WI
Yoshito Kumagai, Tsukuba, Japan
Lawrence Lash, Detroit, MI
Jerold Last, Davis, CA
Christopher Lau, Research Triangle Park, NC
Pam Lein, Davis, CA
John C. Lipscomb, Cincinnati, OH
James Luyendyk, East Lansing, MI
Miroslav Machala, Brno, Czech Republic
Jose Manautou, Storrs, CT
Thomas Massey, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Virginia Moser, Research Triangle Park, NC
William Mundy, Research Triangle Park, NC
Andrew Patterson, University Park, PA
Gary Perdew, University Park, PA
Carey N. Pope, Stillwater, OK
Alvaro Puga, Cincinnati, OH
Leslie Recio, Research Triangle Park, NC
Jean Regal, Duluth, MN
Christopher Reilly, Salt Lake City, UT
Charles Rice, Clemson, SC
Jason Richardson, Rootstown, OH
Donald Robertson, Princeton, NJ
James Roede, Denver, CO
Ivan Rusyn, College Station, TX
Christie Sayes, Waco, TX
Daniel K. Schlenk, Riverside, CA
Dieter Schrenk, Kaiserslautern, Germany
William Slikker, Jr., Jefferson, AR
Ronald Tjalkens, Fort Collins, CO
Henk van Loveren, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Mary Walker, Albuquerque, NM
David B. Warheit, Newark, DE
John Watkins, III, Bloomington, IN
George Woodall, Research Triangle Park, NC
Timothy Zacharewski, East Lansing, MI
Judith Zelikoff, Tuxedo, NY
Bin Zhao, Beijing, China


Curtis D. Klaassen, 1998–2003
Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman, 2003–2011
Michael L. Cunningham, 2011–2013

Fundamental and Applied Toxicology

William W. Carlton
Henry d'A. Heck
Bernard A. Schwetz
Philip G. Watanabe


Cynthia A. Afshari, Thousand Oaks, CA
Rory B. Conolly, Research Triangle Park, NC, Chairperson
Dana C. Dolinoy, Ann Arbor, MI
Patricia E. Ganey, East Lansing, MI, Council Liaison
Gary W. Miller, Atlanta, GA, ToxSci Editor-in-Chief
John B. Morris, Storrs, CT, Council President
Wei Zheng, West Lafayette, IN, Co-Chair


2017—March 12–16, Baltimore, MD
2018—March 11–15, San Antonio, TX

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