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Featured Articles 

Ram Ohren, Editor-in-Chief, has selected his choice articles from recent issues of Tree Physiology. Click through to read the articles online for free. We hope you find the articles of interest, and if so, encourage you to sign up for new issue alerts so we can keep you informed about forthcoming issues.

From the December issue:

SAPFLUXNET: towards a global database of sap flow measurements
Rafael Poyatos, Victor Granda, Roberto Molowny-Horas, Maurizio Mencuccini, Kathy Steppe, Jordi Martinez-Vilalta

Isoscapes: a new dimension in community ecology
Alexander W. Cheesman, Lucas A. Cernusak

From the November issue:

Trees maintain a similar conductance per leaf area through integrated responses in growth, allocation, architecture and anatomy
Frank Sterck, Roman Zweifel

Interplay of growth rate and xylem plasticity for optimal coordination of carbon and hydraulic economies in Fraxinus ornus trees
Giai Petit, Tadeja Savi, Martina Consolini, Tommaso Anfodillo, Andrea Nardini

From the October issue:

Towards more accurate vegetation mortality predictions
Sanna Sevanto, Chonggang Xu

Individual traits as determinants of time to death under extreme drought in Pinus sylvestris L.
Núria Garcia-Forner, Anna Sala, Carme Biel, Robert Savé, Jordi Martínez-Vilalta

From the September issue:

Contrasting sampling designs among archived datasets: implications for synthesis effort
Patrick F. Sullivan, Adam Z. Csank

Investigating the European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) leaf characteristics along the vertical canopy profile: leaf structure, photosynthetic capacity, light energy dissipation and photoreception mechanisms
Andrea Scartazza, Daniela Di Baccio, Pierangelo Bertolotto, Olga Gavrichkova, Giorgio Matteucci

From the August issue:

Measuring water fluxes in forests: the need for integrative platforms of analysis
Eric J. Ward

Predictive models for radial sap flux variation in coniferous, diffuse-porous and ring-porous temperate trees
Aaron B. Berdanier, Chelcy F. Miniat, James S. Clark

From the June Issue:

Intraspecific variation in juvenile tree growth under elevated CO2 alone and with O3: a meta-analysis
Víctor Resco de Dios, Tessema E. Mereed, Juan Pedro Ferrio, David T. Tissue, and Jordi Voltas

The importance of intraspecific variation in tree responses to elevated [CO2]: breeding and management of future forests
Elizabeth A. Ainsworth

From the May issue:

Whole-plant allocation to storage and defense in juveniles of related evergreen and deciduous shrub species
T.P. Wyka, P. Karolewski, R. Żytkowiak, P. Chmielarz, and J. Oleksyn

The importance of storage and redistribution in vascular plants 
Andrew Merchant

From the April issue:

A step forward in tree physiological research on soil copper contamination 
Angela Cicatelli and Stefano Castiglione

Symbiotic association between Salix purpurea L. and Rhizophagus irregularis: modulation of plant responses under copper stress 
Adriana M. Almeida-Rodríguez, Marcelo P. Gómes, Audrey Loubert-Hudon, Simon Joly, and Michel Labrecque 

An interdisciplinary approach to better assess global change impacts and drought vulnerability on forest dynamics
Marc D. Abrams, and Gregory J. Nowacki

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