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Special Issues

Special Section: The Flakaliden experiments: Climate, nutritional and CO2 effects on boreal forests
This Special Section explores what has been unearthed over three decades of research at the Flakaliden research site.

Special Issue: Canopy Processes in a Changing Climate
Forest canopies exchange a large part of the mass and energy between the earth and the atmosphere. The processes that regulate these exchanges have been of interest to scientists from a diverse range of disciplines for a long time. 
Read this editorial in full here.

Special Issue: Carbon Allocation of Trees and Forests
Carbon (C) allocation is a major issue in plant ecology, controlling the flows of C fixed in photosynthesis between respiration and biomass production, and between short- and long-lived and above ground and below ground tissues. 
Read this introduction in full here.

Virtual Issue: Sunfleck Photosynthesis
This virtual issue consists of 14 papers that provide insight into how understory tree seedlings and shaded canopy leaves use the high intensity, short duration light patches known as sunflecks. 
For a full list of articles, click here.

Invited Issue: Tree Nutrition (September 2010)
The effects of global climate change will regionally be very different, mainly causing considerable changes in temperature and water availability. For Central Europe, for example, increased temperatures are predicted, which will cause increased frequencies and durations of summer drought events. 
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Special Issue: Adaptations of forest ecosystems to air pollution and climate change (March 2011)
We live in a unique time when the impacts of elevated greenhouse gases have moved from the field of meteorology to the ecological and environmental arenas. The IUFRO papers reviewed here point to some important directions of future environmental pollution and global climate change research.
Read this editorial in full here

Special Issue: Poplars and the Environment (December 2011)
Articles include: Fifth International Poplar Symposium: 'Poplars and willows: from research models to multipurpose trees for a bio-based society' and 'Transcriptome analyses of Populus x euramericana clone I-214 leaves exposed to excess zinc'. 
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