• (1)

    Between July, 1953, and July, 1954, a total of 77 school children of seven years of age were treated with pyrimethamine and amodiaquine in Accra, Gold Coast; 76 controls received dummy tablets during the same period.

  • (2)

    The parasite rate in the treated group fell from 59 per cent. to zero and the spleen rate from 38 per cent. to 4 per cent.

  • (3)

    Such variation in size of liver as was observed may have been due to chance.

  • (4)

    The absentee rate in the treated school children was reduced, and it is calculated that they were saved about 5–6 days' incapacitating sickness by treatment during the year.

  • (5)

    A slightly greater increase of weight was noted in the treated group, but this may have been due to chance.

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